Rian Playing Cards

  • Brought to the fishing village of Baile an Rí by merchants, these cards quickly became the favourites of Obrexia’s merchants and nobles.

    There are four suits with 12 cards each, for a total of 48 cards. There are 10 numbered cards from 0-9 and two noble cards, the King and the Queen. The four suits are the fish, the poppy, the ingot and the coin. The coin is distinctly non-obrexian as it has a square hole in the middle and in some games wooden versions of those coins are used as playing chips. The type of ingot depends on the region but it is usually bronze or iron.

    A typical card game is called “the Liar” or “the Lie”.

    Each player places a card o cards of the same type in a central pile. The next person must place the same amount of the same card(s) and so on. The one who fails to do that has to take all the cards from the pile into their hand.

    You are allowed to lie. If someone calls you out on it and you were lying you have to take all the cards, but if you were telling the truth they must take the cards. The first person to run out of cards wins and the last person usually has to buy the group a drink in merchant circles.

    Sometimes the royal cards can be used as any card and normally two or three decks are used at once, and more are added the more players there are.

    Another version of these cards used by most folk, is usually created by adding characters to every suit. Common ones to add are the jester, the witch and the guard. These decks are very local and vary wildly from village to village.

    The next time you are in Obrexia, make sure to have a pack on you, its a very easy way to get to know people.

  • Baron

    BS always gets me because my dumb friends will end up telling each other some of their cards and nobody can lie 😠

    Anyways, like the post. I especially like how the 4 suits can be correlated to earth air fire water just like other real life card suits. Do these cards get a lot of use in divination?

  • @Alexrk I imagine the ones with more characters get used like tarot cards sometimes but not the standard deck.

  • Baron

    I've lost many a game of The Liar in my days.

    Is there a stigma against card games or gambling in Obrexia?

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