An Imperial Assassination

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    Odysseus Skylar was an imposing man, his presents were felt where ever he went. As the son and Kyfonta to the Kysar, Kyrin Skylar he was the centre of many important Kryizon social and political circles. Odysseus had achieved major victories as a young Legionary in the army. After numerous victorious campaigns and his father's health slowly beginning to deteriorate, Odysseus sort to focus on his political career, preparing himself for his eventual role as Kysar of the Empire.
    Odysseus spent hours observing the Imperial court, learning its laws and customs, watching as senators and Proxa Carries cheated and lied. He watched as they laughed and talked policy to one another whilst simultaneously being deceiving and conniving to one another. Odysseus' observations had helped make him an astute politician and leader.
    He had been educated from a young age to succeed in the role of Kysar, his father had him tutored by the world's finest instructors. Mathematics, science, history, close-quarter combat, military strategy, economics, politics, he was taught it all.
    Odysseus spent much of his time as a Legionary talking and walking with his soldiers, as well as with the citizenry. It was one of his favourite things to do, he would often wander the streets of Kyzon City, admiring it chaos whilst engaging with the populace. This made Odysseus a favourite among the people, even more so perhaps than his father. Kryizon however, did not deserve a leader this divine, fate would see to that.
    In late 52 SC, Odysseus escorted by 12 guards began his walk through Kyzon City, outside the upper districts. This was not uncommon for Odysseus, he believed he was well-liked enough that he didn't even need protection but bought it just in case. These were not just regular soldiers, as a member of the Imperial family he was protected by Crimson Guard, the most elite soldiers in the Kryizon army.
    Soldiers who had outperformed in regular duty, and were then hand-picked and trained as personal protection loyal to the Kysar. The streets were filled with citizens who wanted to gaze upon the Kyfonta, peasants, merchants and slaves lined crowded into the narrow, dark backstreets.
    Odysseus and his entourage entered an even narrower street than the previous ones, it was made up of tightly packed, multistory buildings, with very few exits. The crowd had begun to slow down the Kyfontas movement, the opportunity for an ambush was perfect. Silently men dressed in blue cloth and wearing golden face masks appeared from the crowd and began to attack the guards. The surprise had caught many Crimson guards by surprise and they were cut down immediately. The attacks armed with long silver daggers. were far more effective in the tight space than the Crimson guard whos swords were too ineffective in this close combat. Panic broke out and the crowd began to disperse, chaos erupted everywhere as hundreds of people tried to escape through the narrow, windy streets.
    Archers appeared on the rooftops and quickly silenced the remaining guards, within two violent minutes it was over.
    Odysseus lay dead, an arrow through the neck, surrounded by 12 bloody, guards.
    The attackers were part of a cult known as the Cult of Acheron they claimed responsibility for the Kyfontas death. Not much is known of the cult, who they are or what their motives were. It is believed they server the god, Aether.
    The rage Kyrin entered when he heard of his son's assassination was said to be so ravenous even Ignus the god of Fire shook with fear.
    A great purge began that day, thousands found themselves being brutely crucified, as any suspicion that you had been involved with the cult and you were executed, without a trial.
    Kyrin named Odysseus' eldest son, Aryatreus as Kyfonta immediately after the assassination, he then doubled the Citadel guard and sent word for the V Legion to return to the city. This was unprecedented as no Legion had entered the city walls since the Civil war, centuries earlier.
    Odysseus' body lay in the senate for four days, one day for each of the gods. On the fifth, he was cremated in a funeral pyre outside the Imperial Citadel and interred in the Skylar Mausoleum. Aryatreus was given the name Odysseon in honour of his father.

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    Truly a dark day in Kryizon. May Odysseus rest in peace.

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