Heaven's Call - Prologue

  • Prince

    They were just whispered by hunters at first, tales told around too many tankards of things that looked like stags but walked like men. It wasn't long after that when the first report came in from the Mazlan territory of a collection of homesteads that were over run. It wouldn't have been much of an issue except that a Mazlan patrol on the trade road encountered five of them and were killed almost to a man, a scout on horseback was able to escape.

    Then attacks came in the Auratavia lands, and then the Vansen lands, all similar with five of the creatures and all being deadly.

    Patrols were collectively stepped up, villages put on alert, this served to bring peoples attention to the problem and the creatures were repelled. It seemed they were a passing threat until the Auratavia encountered a group of three, but unlike before these were armored and armed. The battle was fierce but rather than be truly felled the one of the creatures retreated.

    The Mazlan encountered one of these groups as well, but they were not so lucky and the patrol was driven off and the creatures continued their march although to where no one knew at the time, until a patrol on the outskirts of Hyperion was attacked, woeful for the creatures but this patrol was larger and prepared and they were killed. What stood out about them other than their rotting features was the symbol of Heser the Horrid on it's armor.

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