Who's Who: The Top Dalecaran Chiefs

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    The following is a historical document created by an unnamed apprentice scribe of the learned man, Orlen. It denotes the most powerful chiefs during the Age of Torgilings, a period in Dalecaran history in which a number of warring chiefs battled one another for dominance. The document is believed to have been published in 53 S.C.

    While there exists dozens of local chiefs on our sacred peninsula now, a select few have risen above and eternalized themselves in the new histories of our people. These are both men of old power and men of new power; men from old families and old times, and men from new families and new times. These are the men I have identified as the most powerful on the peninsula.

    1. Chief Dan Salmonface. Dan Salmonface, the Seatamer, is considered the most powerful chief on the peninsula. He rules from Gordheim, a populous and burgeoning settlement that has attracted the largest number of the Dalecaran settlers. Even if Salmonface did not project his power through military might, it would be through our religion; for, he is the mortal mouth of Lord Dagon. Those who would oppose him would be seen as enemies of the faith.

    2. Chief Magnus Wavesinger. Magnus is one of the new men from new times; half the age of Dan Salmonface, he is a boisterous man who is master of the modest village of Alstrand. Magnus is a renowned warrior and has not hesitated in leading his soldiers on raids on lesser men.

    3. Chief Gissur Coralcutter. Gissur is a man of old and new blood; his mother being a daughter of a new family that gained prominence in Sólthorpe, and his father being of an ancient lineage that allegedly fought alongside the heroes of old. Gissur builds his power through wealth rather than military might, as his chief holding is sandwiched between the domains of all but one of the men on this list. Gissur wisely controls and taxes the trade that flows through his lands, investing the gold on infrastructure for his people. In truth, no sane man would have a problem with Gissur Coralcutter. All see him as a loyal and caring man.

    4. Chief Torgil Stormsen. A more apt name would be Torgil the Mouth of Death. Torgil is one who comes from old times; he was born on our ancestral archipelago and grew up at sea during our long voyage. He was a powerful man in Sólthorpe, and a close ally to Dan Salmonface. That was, until his daughter, Ingrid, was seduced by Valdar Kinslayer and convinced to kill her betrothed, Valdar’s twin and Dan Salmonface’s son, Harald Littlefish. That is how Torgil tells it, anyway. The humiliation that arose from this incident drove a wedge between Dan and Torgil, and the two grew to be bitter enemies. For this, Torgil was one of the first men to declare himself a chief in his own right. He has wasted no time in extending his power; he has sacked, pillaged, and raided countless settlements without mercy, and amassed a host that is second only to Dan Salmonface. All of Dalecara waits to see if he has the gall to challenge the Seatamer.

    5. Chief Ulf Speararm. Another man of old times, Ulf is known for his deadly aim with a spear. Ulf is a shrewd man who is watching the balance of power on the peninsula before he makes any major decision. That said, in the meantime he has freely raided small villages and settlements without care or mercy. Rumors suggest he even hunts children with his mighty spears when their parents refuse to pledge fealty.

    6. Chief Jakob Hookjaw. Jakob Hookjaw has staked his power on wealth, much like Gissur Coralcutter. Only, many men despise Jakob. Jakob has wisely established his control over the only landbridge to the mainland; though, while the Dalecarans are a people of the sea, land trade has become increasingly popular among some merchants. Jakob has set out to heavily tax that landtrade and become immensely rich off of it. Not only that, he uses the money to invest into the other warring factions on the peninsula, profiting off of the wars to come. All men see him as a devious creature.

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