A Merchant Vessel at the Mouth

  • Baron

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    At long last, our era of isolation is over, traveler! Welcome welcome. Your hair is fascinating, what is that piece glittering around your neck? I could sell you one like it with lapis inset for a few ducats! I'm sorry, perhaps I'm getting ahead of myself. I could not help but notice the odd sails of your vessel and the strange wood of its sides. From whence have you come to visit?

    We have lived here at the mouth of the great rivers for centuries, sending our boats into the vast flooded forest that feed us, in search of friends! Once we had many many friends, many good customers with inventions of myth, but after the collapse, well, business simply wasn't good! No sir.

    Finest fabrics for you here. Our sheep produce woolens so fine, they're described in ancient tablets! Try the fish, locally it is said to taste of almonds and be more delicate than anything you could get in the old capital! Have tea in the shade of our great trees and listen to the creatures of the air sing!

    The climate keeps all things growing year round! Please, tell me your favorites and I will have one of my wives cook you something you'll be dreaming of for many travels after! Send your friends! Send your enemies if they're rich!

    As long as you're sailing through the canals of Bara Miri under my care and your pockets are deep, I have a feeling we are going to get along fine. In green Koh, the guest is always right!

    --- Orun Tsal Kuemno of Bara Miri to an Ornthasian diplomat, first post-collapse contact

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