Black Sails 2: Return of the Mist-Born Plague

  • Baron

    The dreaded terror of the seas has returned with a vengeance. Their ships are stifling trade and raiding coastal settlements. To deal with this threat, your realm must grow its relationship with surrounding realms.

    Task: Create a piece of co-lore with another realm dealing with the pirates. Perhaps one realm has a larger navy and begins patrolling your waters in return for a lowering of taxes on imported tea. Perhaps one realm supplies high-quality lumber for more ships to be built to make it past the blockade. Perhaps the two create a road between them, promoting overland trade to minimize the risk. Perhaps a mineral-rich realm trades resources to one that can make high-quality weapons and armor to be distributed to the towns and villages being raided. Perhaps a realm with lumber uses it to construct palisades while another provides guards and military presence.

    Timeframe: A month from today, the pirates will exist for two canonical years then once again fade away into the mist

    Reward: 9 stacks of your choice of logs

    Rules for Multiple-Realm Prompts:

    • The lore must be 500 or more words per realm involved if the number of realms is 4 or less.
    • If the number of realms is greater than 4, only 250 words are required per realm involved.
    • Realms nearer to yours are preferred, but you may create the co-lore with any realm.
    • You may participate in multiple co-lore, but will only be rewarded for the first 3 instances. You will receive an additional half-dub of reward if you collaborate 6 different times.
    • If you wish to create co-lore, but cannot find anyone, speak up! Let us know and we will find someone for you.
    • If you are not a noble, you may still participate(with your liege’s permission. You may represent your realm alone in a single piece with 500 words (if 1., 250 if 2.) or share the load with your liege by they and you both contributing at least 250 words to make that 500 (if 2., 250 is not reduced). In this case, the reward is evenly split between you (if 2., the reward is not reduced). If the vassal and liege surpass 500 in their contribution, their reward is not reduced.
    • If multiple vassals are contributing in 6., the minimum contributing is 250 words. For example, 2 vassals and a liege from realm LingoDuo are involved in a 3 realm co-lore. The total minimum amount of words from LingoDuo in the co-lore should be 750. In this case, 1.5x the reward would be distributed to the realm. If the vassals and liege surpass 500 in their contribution, their reward is not reduced.

    As this is experimental, any feedback is warmly welcomed and your patience with any unforeseen bugs is greatly appreciated.

  • Minister Duke

    Obrexian / Coalition of the Azure Hunt entry, sort of living post

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