Trickster Spirits

  • Baron

    Spirits are commonplace in Domoutso. Few are malevolent, but many are tricksters. Occasionally a spirit will disguise its true form, becoming an animal or a creature from folktales, and then travel out of the woods to a nearby village. There it will play tricks on the locals until its true form has been discovered. The motivations behind this depends on the spirit. Some are in it for the fun, others are exacting revenge for some perceived slight, still others have no reason. In all but the most serious of cases, however, no one is harmed.

    This phenomenon has lead to the practice of travelling exorcists, though perhaps exorcism is too strong a word for the procedure. These groups are skilled in observation and deduction, and use these skills to quickly determine the true nature of the spirit. It is custom for the village being tricked to reward the spirit catchers once the spirit has been found out. Oftentimes this gift is provided to the village by the spirit itself as a token of goodwill (if the spirit is friendly, of course).

    There are numerous spirit catching groups - perhaps several dozen over the whole island. One of the more well-known spirit catching groups is known for having a spirit as part of the group. This spirit, Sekubidu, takes the form of a dog. Sekubidu's motivation for catching spirits is largely unknown, though they have a strong psychic connection with the team and a particular fondness for human food. The other four members of the group include a farmhand and initial friend of the dog spirit, an heiress to a local tea trading company, a netmaker, and a scholar.