Coalition of the Azure Hunt

  • Minister Duke

    (Semi-living post/jumping off point)
    By spring of the year 56 SC, diplomats have been spread across a good portion of the known world. They all arrive bringing great gifts, composed of fine wines and quality quilts. Gifts brought to help pave the way for future diplomatic negotiations, as some set sail quicker than others, to arrive at roughly the same time the world around.

    Some ships more beleaguered than others, arrive in the realms of Domoutso, Kisaevin, Martoise, Teltebhann, Anaetyr, Bryborough, Inoa Ranas, and Coghan. Some of these realms, such as Bryborough and Coghan had been heard of, but diplomats and merchants had likely never encountered them, but they came prepared, with multiple methods of communication, as well as any interpreters that could be found along the way.

    All come bearing a treaty, one to clear out the Black Fog pirate scourge the world around. Many realms, such as Helios in the west, were generally thought to be too far to bring any naval forces to bear, and other realms such as Ornthas were seen as falling to infighting in recent years, and were thought unready to step onto the world stage to help with problems at large.

    The treaty is outlined thusly:

    Greetings, Rulers of your respective realms, I, Bryson Hawkson, Ruler of Obrexia, have seen in the world at large a threat to us all. I would request your aid in securing our waters, for the purposes of trade, as well as to eradicate this threat once and for all. I have been in office a long time, and I think I have many years left in me, but most of the navy have not faced these before, as many of those veterans have retired since the first arrival of the this scourge.

    I would seek your cooperation, as well as safe harbours to buy supplies as well as receive repairs, and would offer the same in turn. I am willing to put forth considerable portions of my own naval forces, a good half of what is available to help fight, and I am more than understanding if you are not able to do so. If you are lacking in naval assets, all I ask is for our ships to be able to dock within your harbours.

    Furthermore, I would hope to open lines of protected trade, between our realms of Obrexia, Domoutso, Kisaevin, Martoise, Teltebhann, Anaetyr, Bryborough, Inoa Ranas, and Coghan. If this is not possible at the current point in time, I would understand, but I think it would be beneficial to us all to promote trade between our great realms, so that we may prosper together.

    I think it fair to extend the offer to all realms with ports upon our fair seas, and should others that you know wish to join, I think it fair to send a ship to all of our realms, outlining that they will follow this treaty, before receiving the benefits therein.

    I would coin the name the Coalition of the Azure Hunt, as we attempt to hunt these dastardly pirates into extinction. I hope that you join me in this endeavor, as well as enjoy the gifts that I have ordered be sent, along with the messengers and diplomats.