Nether Transport Standards (Tunnels & Portals)

  • Baron

    Outlined are the standards expected of your portals and nether lines to be considered safe for general use.

    Nether Tunnels:

    • Lines must have an interior dimension of at least 3 blocks wide by 4 blocks high and smaller then 5 blocks square
      That is, 4 ≤ height < 5 and 3 ≤ width < 5 (this prevents ghasts from spawning as they need a 5x5 space)
      [Fig. 1.A & 1.B]

    • Lines should be free of obstructions that could cause a player or horse to suffocate

    • It is suggested to use half-slabs for flooring as it prevents mobs from spawning, though this is not required

    • Holes in walls and floor should be filled or have (trap) doors on them to protect traveling players

    • Lines should be adequately labelled so that players can easily identify and navigate the network

    • Unsafe lines and areas should be signed and blocked off while being worked on

    Nether Portals:

    • Portals must have an interior dimension of at least 3 blocks square

    • Portals should have at least 3 blocks of space on the front and back of the portal to ensure that horses and other entities do not suffocate when traveling through

    Nether tunnels and portals that do not meet or exceed these requirements must have adequate barriers and signage to indicate the fact to other players. You will be held responsible if a player or/and their horse dies because of the design (or lack there of) of a tunnel or portal you constructed, unless appropriate steps are taken to inform other players of the danger.


    Fig. 1.A - Tunnel example


    Fig. 1.B - Tunnel example using half slabs

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