Breaking Through The Nether Ceiling Vote

  • Baron

    This vote will allow for the one-time use of creative mode to create a hole in the nether ceiling for the purposes of building a gold farm on top of the ceiling. This will be located at the 0,0 hub for maximum accessibility by all players.

    Note that barrier blocks or bedrock will be used to restrict access to the rest of the nether ceiling, should someone want to use the ceiling for another purpose, they will need to propose that separately.

    You can see the relevant discussion here.

    This vote requires a regular majority of >50% which equates to 15 votes (27 active voters based on the previous voting period). It is open to Baron and above, any votes from someone of a lower rank will not be included.

  • Baron

    Why don't we use a piston tnt or dragon egg glitch to get rid of it?
    I would call that less cheeting than creative mode.

  • Baron

    The vote by ic__ will not be counted as he is the rank of Esquire.

  • Baron

    The vote by TAGMoacir will not be counted as he is the rank of Esquire.

  • Count

    This Proposal passes with 89.5% in favor
    17 voted in favor, 2 voted against, and 3 abstained

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