Use /forceload for public grinders

  • Count

    Prior to 1.13, we had to build many public farms, like the iron farm, in the spawn chunks so they would stay loaded.

    1.13 introduced the /forceload command

    Does anybody have an issue with giving the infrastructure minister powers to implement this feature wherever they deem appropriate for the use of public farms?

    Does anybody want this to be formally voted on, or can we let it fall under infrastructure policy?

    ["The Ministers have the power to publicly enact policies related to their current position"] -charter section 5-f

    Note: this should not be used for any hostile mob farms, as it will impact the mob cap. But for the iron farm, and possibly the food farms in arcos, it would be beneficial.

  • Non-Participating Baron

    I see no problem with this measure. Either there's a vote or not I don't mind.

  • Duke

    I am curious to see the impact on performance, it is my only hang up with this as it could add some lag to the server.

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