Heavens Call - Part 2

  • Prince

    "Why did you get me out here in this again?" Millianna pulled the hood of her cloak tighter over her head as the fat cold raindrops slicked off the treated garment. She puffed her cheeks and blew out a fat stream of steam.

    Sivian chuckled and her two men at arms did the same. Neither had hoods on but their armor was covered with thick mottled cloaks that served only to keep their armor from being drenched. The water on their heads and hands made them feel as if they were truly part of the Vansen lands. "I thought you said the Six sent you. Some great quest for the faith."

    "Lady Vansen." Michael quickly chided, as the noble woman so casually blasphemed. To question the motives of a priestess, and a Blessed one at that was something he could not abide even if Millianna did not comport herself like a priestess should.

    "Of course I mean it in the most pious of terms." Sivian said, following it up with another chuckle. Her men did not join her. As much as she seemed to be untouchable they would not knowingly cross the Squire Valiant. Millianna didn't chime in again and instead moved a little closer to Michael and kept her gaze to the ground.

    They spilled into a field from the wood edge, it seemed well kept, empty in the winter months. A village was not far in but in the heavy rain there were no people about even mid day as it was. "Thank god we made it finally." Millianna picked up speed and passed Michael and the two men at arms but was quickly stopped my Sivian who held out her hand to block the Priestess' way. "Move your hand I need a bed and to be dry."

    "Men, forward draw." Sivian's tone changed completely as she undid the central clasp of her cloak. The two outside clasps were attached to the roundels of her armor and allowed her to turn the cloak into a makeshift cape. Her men on the other hand removed their cloaks completely leaving them in simple chain mail and splint mail armor. They drew their swords and pulled the small round shields from their backs. They moved froward with a decent pace. Michael dropped his cloak as well placed a hand to his armored chest and sigils on the piecemeal armor lit up and a halo appeared around his head. The water on his skin in his hair and on his armor boiled away in an instant and new droplets didn't even touch him. Sivian drew her mace. "Millianna. Stay close, even if I run." Millianna nodded.

    Sivian picked up pace with her men, the priestess in tow, Michael had taken a more round about way away from them but they all entered the village at the same time. Carnage was everywhere, doors were smashed in, pieces of bodies left to rot in the soggy ground. One of her men at arms knelt and inspected some footprints and followed them along in a crouch. "Not men. Stags feet, but upright. Lots of weight. He stopped his trace at an open doorway and looked into the home. A huge hand shot out and grabbed him by the face and he disappeared with a scream into the darkness of the doorway. The soun dof breaking chain and then flesh was unmistakable. Crouching down as it stepped from inside the house the creature was easily over seven feet tall, and covered in shaggy fur. It's head was that of a stag if it had been left to rot for a few days, its hands were like a mans and its lower body like a stag again.

    Sivian had to stop herself from rushing the creature, her instincts burned to avenger her man at arms, but she had the priestess to protect and she couldn't risk it. "Squire!" She yelled out, although Michael was already running by the time she yelled for him. The Squire Valiant's speed was even more than her own and clearly more than the creature expected because it seemed shocked when Michael's glowing fist smashed into it's ribs. The glow seemed to explode as it struck the monster and sent it reeling away from the blow. The Yell of pain brought two more from the shadows of other broken houses.

    "By the gods." Sivian spoke. She would not be able to fight these things easily while trying to keep Millianna safe. She looked over her shoulder and Millianna had shed her cloak to the mud. Her face was stone and her resolve made her staighten her back. She stepped up next to Sivian and clasped her hands together.

    "Guide your sisters child, grant her the power of the sun." She placed her hand onto Sivian's shoulder and the Knight's black and gold armor began to glow and then the light was drawn to her weapon until the mace head was a lit with flame that gave no heat. Millianna placed her hand to the ground and spoke again. "Prison of Light." Spears of pure light shot from the ground and pierced the body of one of the creatures, driving through every limb and through its main body. It struggled against the cage but every move caused it great pain.

    "You will need to fight the other Sivvy." She winked up at Sivian. The Knight drew her shield from her back and shed her cloak completely. She clanked her mace against the shield edge and charged.