Alternative Ranks System

  • Baron

    Voting rank is completely separate from realm progression, as the legislature is completely non-lore.

    10 voting ranks, with individual build requirements, can be named or not.

    Realms are 'ranked' instead in-lore by total overall builds.

    This helps in that vassals contribute to a realm overall and its in-lore power, but don't increase their lieges out-of-lore power.

    Certain rewards could be tied to one of the other. Ex: NPC realm perks could be tied to voting rank. Where-as realms of a certain size could earn FTP(s)

    This system was devised as a middle ground to address concerns of popular realm lieges advancing in power too quickly because of vassal contributions and opposing concerns that making vassal contributions not count at all would be odd.

    This also allows for vassals to surpass their realm leaders in vote-rank because it is entirely decoupled from the liege/vassal process. It will be easier for a vassal to decide to stay with a realm they like if they wont be bottlenecked politically.

    Promotion would be handled by submission to legislature for a vote.

    This also places responsibility on the individual to track when they are ready for a promotion and to submit their justification.

    This was the result of a discussion mainly between myself, Aezyr, and Tywen. More context can be found in #discussions on discord.

  • Count

    I still haven't dug into the discussion channel from today, so i'll get on that. But this is something i mentioned in passing earlier, and it really isn't changing much. We are already disassociating the ranks with anything in game.

    So if we went with community ranks in general, then terms like count/duke/king could just be freed up for lore. Historically, there is no reason the monarch of a city-state couldn't call himself King, and if we have a separate, organized way of dick measuring like community ranks, I wouldn't think too many people would have any problems with a new [rank: baron] calling himself a king of his realm, because he IS the leader of his realm, and would still be rank 4/10 in all the visible ways (discord/server rank/forums).

    ranks could just be 1-10, or named something like applicant/associate/member/veteran/fishling/fishpriest etc.

  • Baron

    @Annisar said in Alternative Ranks System:

    We are already disassociating the ranks with anything in game.

    Except build requirements which are fundamentally in-game...
    I do think having our server politics ranking system separate is best though. I basically agree with everything you said. And it appears many others are not on the same page either.

    The 'realm rank' idea was a way to hand out realm-specific type rewards like FTPs

  • Prince

    Bump. I think this should get a little more visibility, as it seems to address some of the issues of the proposed system in the other thread.

  • Baron

    I mean history's full of petty king of petty realms so yeah, I'm not against separating lore ranks and server ranks

  • Baron

    I agree with seperating legal ranks from lore ranks, jsut have no set system for in lore ranks, every realm is free to handle that how they want. I still think we should use the commoner>emperor rank system for the legal ranks, it just fits thematically better i feel. I would suggest just plastering at the top of the charter "LORE IS SEPERATE FROM THE LEGAL SYSTEM"

  • Baron

    I think this is fantastic and it solves the issue of vassal builds not counting towards the overall realm rank.

  • Baron

    bump .....

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