Mimo's Seemingly Weekly Maintenance Update And Other Stuff

  • Baron

    New Custom Recipes
    The custom recipes for chain-mail armor and smooth-stone full slabs have been implemented! To create chain-mail armor use iron nuggets in the shape of the armor piece you want. Smooth-stone full slabs are created by smelting regular stone in a furnace (1 stone = 1 smooth-stone).

    The Gold Farm
    The gold farm is complete and operational, it is located at the 0,0 hub. You'll see signs on where to AFK and where to pickup items. There is a fancy item sorter to keep things organized so all you have to do is sit and wait for that sweet, sweet gold to collect. The current output is ~37 gold blocks an hour, not stellar but pretty good. We'll have gold roads in no time! If you notice anything on the farm is broken, PM me so it can get fixed quickly, please don't try and fix something unless you exactly how to do it!

    Other Business

    • Ignis is ghey.
    • Lawn is a mower
    • Septimus has a fine ass

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