Magical Institutions of Obrexia

  • Minister Duke

    The High Library:
    The oldest arcane institution in all of Obrexia. Founded in 688 FC, during a time of great upheaval. Nearly no texts of great import written in Obrex can be found before this period. The Historians of the High Library learn magic from written books and ancient scrolls. They draw upon this knowledge as well as knowledge of the world to enforce their will upon it. Some see this as a great misdeed, others as great fortune. There is no known record of where the first spell exactly came from, but most assume it was from an ancient hall in the ruins the Daoine hold as sacred. From there they have expanded their knowledge greatly to where they have most recently succeeded in moving a mouse across all of Obrexia in a Grand Working with no less than 18 Historians.

    The High Library focusses its efforts into expanding all of man’s knowledge and collecting as much of history as they can. Historians spread across the lands in search of forgotten or unrecorded lore, some return, others do not. The High Library prides itself on having the largest collection of spellbooks and history in all of Obrexia. They are supported by the Throne of Obrexia and thus own their allegiance to the rightful ruler of Obrexia and no other. The High Library itself is located on Leidon Isle, sister island to Leival Isle which houses the Capital City of Hawk’s Landing. The Lighthouse of Leival is a branch of The High Library.

    Druidic Groves:
    The Druids of the Daoine are the most ancient magical institution in what is modern-day Obrexia. Composed of a sacred shrine to the gods of nature, as well as many different species of plant that have been found and spread amongst the Druids. Even plants that come from far and afield, and not suitable to the climate of Obrexia can be found being cultivated in Druidic Groves. The Druids themselves care greatly about the wildlife of the world and do their best to cultivate a healthy environment. The shape their environment with their will such as the Historians, but only in ways that nature can withstand. Mother Nádúr is not kind, but nor is she evil. She allows the world to run its course. Nature is never cruel, only as it should be. Druids emulate this in their teachings, seemingly following a baser instinct that most now lack.

    There are many paths a druid can take, but the most common are those of the Moon and those of the Sun. Those of the Moon takes the shapes of the creatures of the world to accomplish their goals, and some choose to stay that way indefinitely. Those of the Sun raises plantlife and help the people with their crops. This is not to say that those of the Sun are weaker than those of the Moon, but nor does the reverse hold true. Members of both groups can usually perform the task of the other, but it takes more time as they are less proficient in those skills. What is known is that all druids have a treoir ainmhithe, also know as their familiar. They are animals that they have bonded with, that guide them down their own paths as druids.

    Healer’s Hall:
    The newest of the Magical Institutions in Obrexia, but certainly not the least among them. The Healer’s Hall trains young minds proficient in magic to be Healers. They are of great renown since they can prevent death from nearly anything just short of it. Healers are trained in mundane aspects as well as those of the arcane to speed up the natural functions of the body and to cure it of that which ails it. The only Healer’s Hall to exist in Obrexia is the Capital of Hawk’s Landing, where they work hand in hand with the local druidic grove to provide treatment to the people and experience to those learning.

    While they can stave off a great many things, the work they do is nowhere near instantaneous. The greatest know healer was thought to have sped up the bodies recovery by up to one hundred times its natural rate. Though there are legends of old that purport that there was once instantaneous healing and even revival of the dead, almost nothing of the sort can be accomplished by modern standards.