Noteda Dais

  • Prince

    Noteda Dais, or as it is less formally known as Noteda, is a common game traditionally played by children but has begun to have a growing adult player base.

    The driving concept of Noteda are simple, get the central flag into your opponents side of the field in an area known as the castle, the team with the post points after 30 minutes is the winner.

    Teams are 7 members, 6 of which are armed with three foot lengths of birch, and the 7th member is armed with a six foot length of birch, this 7th members is limited to only the space of the castle. The flagpole may be used as weapon. Participants can strike their opponent anywhere they please. If you are knocked down you must run to your side of the field out of bounds, do a five count and then you may reenter the game. If at any time six people are downed the other team immediately scores a point. If a player is knocked out and unable to continue fighting that team is down a player for the remainder of the match, there are no substitutions. Grappling is discouraged as both players are considered to be downed if they are rolling around on the ground.

    After each score the flag is reset, the team stand behind their castle and the next round begins. If the flag is thrown out of bounds then it is reset at the point where it went out of bounds. The flag may not be thrown into the castle but may be thrown out of bounds.

    Around the time of The Tour adults are often seen playing. It is becoming customary for an adult team from the town the tour is visiting to play against the men at arms who accompany their knights during the tour.

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