Matters of Violence

  • Minister Duke

    The Strikers:

    The elite of the elite. They come from all walks of life, from peasant to noble. There are many prerequisites to becoming a striker, and the main one is to have mastered a weapon. It does not matter if it is the staff, the bow, or the sword. All Strikers are weaponmaster’s of their chosen kind, and they all must come bearing a wide skillset. Many strikers have mastered more than one kind of weapon, but most do not have the time to master more than three. The head of the Strikers is the Ruler’s Voice. This is a chosen position by the reigning Ruler to act as the emissary and bodyguard of the Ruler. The intended heir is almost always trained in their ways as they grow strong enough, but there are exceptions to this rule. Not many Intended Heirs forsake their Striker bodyguard, but there are historical accounts of what happens when they do, and most don’t live long after. At any given moment there are 100 Strikers throughout all of Obrexia. This number is almost always stable. There are a few Strikers abroad that accompany the ambassadors to other nations, protecting them to ensure that assassination does not throw relations into turmoil. The Strikers are the scalpel to the broadsword that is the Obrexian Army. They carry out sensitive tasks and work for the good of all by the Ruler’s command. Some serve as armed guards in plain view to cover for those hidden. Some act as advisors to various political figures, all the while doubling as bodyguards. Some are of a darker nature, assassinations orders, while uncommon, are not refused by the Strikers.

    The Obrexian Army:

    Though small compared to other nations, they are well trained, and always well armed. All members are members by choice. Families of those that sign on are well cared for, and for that many are grateful. They stand at forts located around Obrexia, prepared to purge the roads of bandits and other miscreants. They cannot be everywhere, however, and for that Obrexia employs mercenary companies. These are typically called stripers, due to their dual colours of Obrexia and whatever mercenary company they are from. They can are almost always employed in regular amounts to those native to Obrexia, and many are poached by lucrative deals, such as joining the regular army at a higher rank, as well as better pay, and a home for their families. The whole of the Obrexian Army conducts peace within the borders of Obrexia. They are the ones who are sent out to the edges of Obrexia to wage war, and they do so without hesitation, for they know that they are working to protect their families or their rather large paychecks.


    Most disputes that are of the physical nature are brought as mostly alive as is safe before Magistrates of the Justice. They wander as traveling judges given right by the Ruler. Most larger settlements will have a dedicated Magistrate, though wandering Magistrates are welcomed to help with the load. Most fights happen between the Army and bandits, and those of simple bar brawls. Most are kind and thoughtful people, but there are always those that feel the need to make a living off of others hard work, as well as those that cannot hold their liquor. The last true major source of violence came in 955 FC during the Revolt of the Usmon Territories. Named after the Ruler who conquered them in the first place. This was the final nail in the coffin, with almost all of the Army that was sent having not returned. Strikers reported that while a large portion of the army had lost their heads in a literal way, there were more than a few deserters. This was the last loss of territory that Obrexia had faced, now with only around a viscounties worth of land left to rule over.