Knight Valiant Orders

  • Prince

    Within the Knight Valiant there are several Orders of knights, although within the actual organization they are known as committee. These Orders are very small, sometimes formed of as few as three knights and on the high end no more than seven. Orders represent those Knights who are especially knowledgeable on a specific type of evil. They are specialists who are without equal on their subject matter.

    Rank and file Knight Valiant often seek out those on Committee to ask questions for a specific mission or to further their own general knowledge. The current occupied orders are.

    • Order Vitate (Undead)
      • Five members
    • Order Infernal (Demons)
      • Three Members
    • Order Omarin (Natural)
      • Six Members
    • Order Lornin (Lorna Demons)
      • Three Members
    • Order Magi (Magical Creatures)
      • Four Members

    Membership into an Order can only be granted by the Grandmaster of the Knight Valiant alongside the overwhelming support of past and present members of the order wishing to be joined. Membership is rare and few knight Valiant actively seek it out, the majority typically end up there after a long career of fighting a specific type of evil.

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