Where do you get your water?

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    This is a building prompt I guess. Kind of like a lore prompt, but focused on the in game building aspect of our realms.

    Where do the citizens of your large settlements get their water?

    Do they rely on natural sources like rivers and lakes?

    Are there wells, and are they public or private? How many?

    Do you have cisterns to collect rain water, or an aqueduct to bring water in?

    Do you have plans for any of the above?

    I am currently planning my clean water sources for Athel, and I'm curious what others in the community are doing or plan to do to provide their cities with clean water.

  • Duke

    This is a really great prompt, its something I was thinking about recently and took me down a huge YouTube rabbit hole. Expect some lore from me on this subject for sure.

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    @ThunderPony how about ingame builds? Do you have anything planned or already built on the subject?

  • Duke

    @Alric The hamlets are either on freshwater rivers or have several wells. Hyperion is freshwater river adjacent as well as a constructed large hot spring in the norther part of the city. I've been playing with the idea that Helios has fairly developed well digging technology but I haven't quite figured that bit out yet.

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