Heavens's Call - Part 3

  • Prince

    Two houses demolished and in flames despite the rain, the ground was trodden into a slick mess. Millianna leaned against Sivian, her breathing labored and heavy but she seemed otherwise untouched save for the fatigue on her brow. Sivian on the other hand was battered. The face plate of her helm was ripped clean off, her shield was a few feet away with three long gashes across it's face. Her mace head was long since broken off but her gauntlet hinge was broken and she couldn't drop the mace handle. her armor was pitted but the ancient strength imbued into it's steel kept it form ending up like her shield. Michael stood within one of the destroyed houses, it looked as if a bomb went off and the fact he was covered in rivulets of dilute oval and blood was a testament to the strength of the squire valiant.

    Michael leaned down and picked up the head of the creature he had killed. The stag horns were broken and the long snout torn almost clean off but he didn't care about the state of it. He walked from the rubble and tossed it at the feet of the knight and the priestess. The two women looked down at the decapitated head and the shock on their faces could not be hidden. Michael was as stone faced as always.

    "The Mark of Heser." He said. "I need to alert my brothers. If this is true then this is not isolated."

    Sivian sighed. "It's not isolated. I have reports from the other houses of attacks from formidable creatures. No land has been left untouched, even the Mazlan have struggled to face them."

    Michael put his hand to his chin. "If this is known why haven't forces been mobilized?"

    "Still a squire..." Millianna said as she finally got some strength in her legs and stood under her own power instead of leaning against Sivian. "The Knight Valiant are not so easily moved, if you all show up anywhere it creates panic, and a mass mobilization would be devastating for what the realm is building now. You need to look at the big picture, the Knight Valiant are not just swords-Fists to be pointed."

    Michael didn't speak but understood well enough.

    Sivian reached to her hand and finally wrenched the gauntlet open and mobile enough. The mace handle fell away. She walked to the front of the house near them and went inside for only a moment before coming out with a sword and a round center grip shield. One thing Helian homes were good for even when vacant was a weapon or two. "If they have come to this village then we need to find the source. I am not sure if we can track their path in the wet like this but we should continue west."

    Millianna held up a hand. "Michael, come here." The Squire walked to her and kneeled, Sivian was confused as this display of the two as if they had some unspoken language. Millianna placed her hand on his head and whispered. She removed her hand and the halo above his head changed and a single open eye appeared within the runes. "This will not last long."

    "Yes Priestess." He rose from his kneel and his eyes were bright gold and flickered like burning globes. He looked around frantically until he seemed to spot something. "This way!" he took off at a slow run.

    Sivian was confused and her face showed it. Millianna nodded to he. "I am not all flirtation and laze Sivvy. Trust me and follow him, he will show us the way."