Heaven's Call - Part 4

  • Prince

    The trio treked through the dense Vansen forests until they were near the far western edge where, the forest was dotted with deep stone caverns and eroded pillars. The tracking spell that was cast on Michael had faded but they didn't need it after all since sign of the creatures was everywhere on the path they found. Small totems of skulls and hands were strewn at the side of the road, occasionally a body would be dangling from a tree in the distance but the group never ventured close any of those macabre effigy.

    "Can you all not...glow?" Sivian said from the rear of the group. Ahead of her Millianna and Michael both sported halos around their heads that gave a faint glow even in the forest conditions and cloud cover they were as bright as a fading torch.

    "It is my blessing and my curse to be so radiant." Millianna said, a touch of her normal sass cutting the tense mood. Michael even let a snort of approval escape him, they were all tense and the humor did them well.

    "No M'Lady. I am already suppressing it as much as I am able but it is a skill I have no master enough." It was t he first time he had expressed any humility of his abilities.

    Sivian Scoffed, she wanted to pick up the pace but Michael was keeping them slow and even since Millianna would not be able to keep up with the speed set by the Squire and Knight. Sivian's blood touched heritage made her almost a match for the Squire in endurance and strength but she knew that it was something that would not last against him as true Knight Valiant were closer to the monsters they fought than the men they protected. She was about to speak again when Michael stuttered his steps and then began to quickly jog until they got to a large stone outcropping and he hid behind it. The two women quickly followed him. Sivian drew her sword and waited, the gauntlet was still sticky and she could feel the hinge close to locking up.

    "I can feel something ahead of us. Pressure..." slow plodding steps, too heavy to be a man and too sure to be a beast sounded down the path. The trio seemed to hold their breath and when the creature was just passing the outcropping Michael sprung out and grabbed it by the antlers. He jerked it's head hard and then pulled down smashing the snout of the creature against the knee cop of his leg armor. The creature brayed but it didn't matter and Michael jerked again and the creature was pulled to the ground fully. He did a couple of quick maneuvers and was on the beasts back and had his thick arms wrapped around it's neck. He Jerk again and there was a sickening pop and the creatures body went limp but its eyes darted around furious. It was still alive. He got up from the thing and looked down at it with cold eyes, he turned and started to walk. "There is another we need to keep the pace."

    Millianna followed him skirting around the paralyzed monster as it tried to eek out half hearted sounds of anger. Sivian stood over it and looked into its wide sunken eyes. There was no fear only anger. She drove her sword down into the top of its head before easily catching up to the group. These were not things of the woods, these were not things that felt fear she told herself, but the feeling of pity for the defeated monster still clung to the back of her mind.