The Tarun People of Helios

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    The Tarun People of Helios


    The Tarun people are unique to the Helian region, they claim to be descended from the original people of region long before the Helians came but in current times they are utterly Helian and are as ubiquitous in Helios as Heavy Draft Horses and Suffering. The defining feature of the Tarun people is that they are completely blind in the traditional sense. They do perceive the world as auras which allows them to move about the land as a sighted person might. They attribute this strange sight to the god Zayl who gifts them with the ability to see the truth of the world.

    The Sight of the Tarun is said to see through the lies of the world, but this is actually a misconception while they see auras about people and are able to even see the swell of magic around individuals they are still able to be fooled by liars and fooled by intentions like a normal person would be. This though does not stop them from perpetuating the stereotype to keep others honest around them.

    Interbreeding with Tarun and Humans is something fairly rare as they do not breed cleanly. This mix results in a child who may be sight limited but does not have the Tarun sight. The child also is always sterile. This has led the children of human and Tarun being known as a Mule.

    Tarun people are thin in build but fairly tall, matching their Helian neighbors in average heights around 6 feet. While their eyes are almost always covered when revealed they range from milky white to pure white devoid of any definition.

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