Heaven's Call - Part 5

  • Prince

    The path wound for a time until it went down into a natural cave, but the torches that lined the way and the heavy footprints of the monsters told them there was more. The winding path dipped and then disappeared into a cave that went down into the darkness. At the back of the cave a gentle flicker of a torch could be seen.

    "Lady Vansen." Michael said as he stepped to the side. Sivian flipped her visor down and latched it closed with a single finger swipe across her cheek affixing a simple hook. She raised the round shield and held the sword so the tip was pointing forward. Of the group only Milliana had trouble with the low light although low light meant little considered both the Squire Valiant and the Priestess had a constant glow about their heads.

    They went deeper into the cave taking only the paths that were lit and decently well traveled until he hit a wide open space with a bubbling pool in the center, all around the foul smelling pit were parts of animals and people. A groan and flurry of bubbles came from the center of the pool and moved to the edge and a clawed h and came from the muck. All three of them moved to hug the circular wall of the room skirting around the pool and the emerging creature to get to the far side. It didn't appear to notice them even after fully stepping out from the slime and muck. It looked left and right before plodding off to down the way that the trio had come. They gave a sigh of relief and continued on less more of the creatures appear.

    The winding path began to take them upwards and they came out into what was a large open space whose center ad caved in letting the moonlight flood into the room. Some trees and plants were growing within. Within the center of the space was an alter and a single figure who floated about a foot above the ground as they did some profane magics. Sivian stepped out into the main space and the sound of her armor and the shifting stones under her feet wsa enough to alert the evil spell caster. The man turned around and a smile slunk across his pale white face. "So you are who she sends to stop me." His voice seemed to come from everywhere around them rather than his mouth.

    Michael stepped forward past Sivian and got into a fighting stance. "I am Squire Michael Fists of Heaven. I need not know your name, for after tonight you will no longer matter. Lady Vansen, Lady Marvell, please head back to the entrance keep his beasts from come here, I shall do what I was sent for."

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