Interim Applications Process

  • Baron

    While the discussion relating to the official applications process is ongoing and pending legislative approval, I am aware that we have a handful of potential applicants waiting to apply.

    To avoid having said people wait multiple weeks while we iron out the specifics of applying, I will be handling Applications on an Ad-hoc basis, using the previous servers application process as a template.

    This ad hoc process will consist of the following:

    1. Applicants will be required to make a post to the New Applications section of the forum, detailing their desire to join the server, providing some character lore and at a minimum their Minecraft username and IRL age.

    2. Once an applicant has received 5 votes from noble players (1 vote per player regardless of rank), they must then submit to a voice interview via discord with the applications minister or his deputies

    3. Following the interview, the minister/deputy will grant or withhold final approval.

    4. If approved the applicant may then entertain liege offers, submitted to the original application post

  • Prince

    This sounds great to me, and feels well within the MoA powers.

  • Baron

    The old process was quite good, so I can get behind using it for the few stragglers that have managed to find us.

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