New Member Application: Melon_Warrior

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    Hello, I'm a new member interested in joining the server! My minecraft username is Melon_Warrior and I am 20. turning 21 in about two weeks.

    My character's name is Vidya and she spent her entire life living in a small mining village up in the mountains where from a very young age she spent much of her time helping the miners sift through raw material in search of valuable ores. Once she reached proper age, she too took on the job of mining herself as her family had for many generations. Vidya takes pride in her ability to spend long hours smashing away at rocks searching for valuable materials hidden in the earth below and oddly enough enjoys while her fellow miners see it as nothing but dreary and tiring work. Finding her during the day is nearly impossible as she is almost always deep in the mines, sometimes even setting up camp within as to allow her to delve even further down.

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    Greetings Vidya!

    We are pleased to make your acquaintance. My name is Septimus, the current Minister of Applications.

    An excellent start to your character. What species is Vidya? Are you intending for Vidya's story to be that she is travelling to one of the Candarion Realms for a new start, or is she already based here? Does Vidya have any other skills or ambitions beyond simple mining?

    As we are still in the process of setting up some realms, compiling the wiki and collecting screenshots, written information on these forums might be scant, but I'm aware you were directed here by a mutual friend who is a member. Have they explained much about how we operate and what our goals are as a server?

    Did they explain the liege/vassal system to you in any detail?

    Don't worry if not, we can give you the necessary information so you are upto speed.

    Do you have any pictures of previous builds? A lot of what we do here is building settlements and infrastructure to represent our world. We don't require master builders by any means, but we do like to fawn over others builds as it helps us place you with the best realm and leader.

    Thank you for taking the time to apply, I will be keeping an eye on your application and look forward to your answers.

    In turn, if you have any questions for us please do ask them ! This is a two way process and the more we each know, the better experience we all ultimately have.


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    Welcome to the community AppleSauce!

    TheValeyard pretty much has the greeting down to a science, so I'll just say that I would also like to see some build pictures from stuff you've done. If you don't have anything available, even jumping into creative and throwing together a house, a facade, etc. to show your building style would be helpful.
    I'd like to know a little more about Vidya, including your plans for her future.
    Lastly, what time zone are you in, and what times do you expect to be online most often?

    looking forward to hearing from you.

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    Thank you! I'm excited to get to know all of you as well!

    Vidya would be a human and I intend for her to be traveling into one of the Candarion Realms in search of new locations to excavate since her hometown's caves and mines have all been explored to the furthest extent. Besides mining I would also say Vidya is a relatively competent warrior as she must defend herself constantly from monsters lurking in the dark spots of the mines. Otherwise her main focus and skills are simply based in mining, as simple as that may sound.

    My friend has given me the general run down on everything but if there's any specifics you would like to emphasize please do let me know! I understand that the server focuses on world building with background elements that are explained through lore and that once a liege makes an offer to join a realm, I would be allowed to join and serve under them as a vassal.

    I am adding some images of a past build here as well. Please let me know if you need more!

    10268124_767586419920221_681625690_n_767586419920221.jpg 10264413_767982636547266_1037069979_n_767982636547266.jpg 10178413_631515943601149_369130678_n_631515943601149.jpg

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    Thank you as well for the greeting! Excited to have a chance of joining.

    I added some more about Vidya in my other comment but I would say she is just looking for new places to explore and further her knowledge in her craft. Her long term goal is to be renowned for her excavation and mining abilities and dedication to her work.

    I am in Eastern Standard Time and would likely play mostly on weekend afternoons and weekday nights!

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    I apologise for the delay in getting back to you.

    Thank you for providing us with some build pictures. I like what I see so far.

    The general gist of it is that we have several realms on our map, each of which is controlled by a realm leader. Players who serve under each realm leader are known as Vassals. They work with their realm leader to help build the vision for their land and people.

    Alongside this we have several ranks on the server, earned by a combination of things built in game, lore creation, forum activity and general reputation.

    I'll get the ball rolling and grant you your first vote. you need 4 more before we then arrange for a short informal interview over discord.

    Hopefully the rest of the votes won't be far behind.

    If you have any more build pics or questions then do continue to share to keep up interest

    I wish you luck in getting to the next step

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    I hereby grant you your second vote

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    I vote in favor of this applicant

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    I too vote in favour.

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    You've now secured the 5 votes needed to start the next step of the application process.

    We now need to arrange for a short, informal interview over voice in discord. This shouldn't take more than 10-15 minutes and helps us determine your suitability to join our group.

    I'll pre-emptively message you on discord as I know you are there already so we can find a suitable day/time

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    Following a short interview, I am pleased to grant approval from the Ministry of Applications.

    Congratulations @AppleSauce. You may now entertain liege offers.

    Realm Leaders who are interested in having you in their realm will now make you offers of vassalage in this thread.

    Please read each offer carefully and ask any questions you may have to ensure you make the right choice.

    I wish you good luck in your choosing of a realm and liege!

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    I'd like to offer you a place in Anaetyr

    Anaetyr is the realm of the High Elves (Anaetyne), led by Vaesilokh Erastil Aevirath (Me)

    below you can see the screenshots ive taken of my realm

    alt text

    alt text

    Additional Amenities:

    Im the Fishlord
    Starter pack of 20 Iguanas
    Free dental (in game only)

    Anyways, i hope to see you on, and hopefully you choose to settle with Anaetyr

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    Nice to meet you Aevirath!

    I'd love to accept your offer! Free dental is kinda tough to turn down. I look forward to working with you in Anaetyr.

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