The Status of Esquires

  • Baron

    When the server which will not be named went down a few esquires such as myself who were incredibly close to reaching lord requirements lost all of our progress, many of us had put hundreds of hours into reaching lord requirements and are in no rush to start over from the beginning.

    On top of that we also have esquires that while have not been with us for such a long time have made staggering contributions to the new server in constructing buildings and sharing resources, most notably Bryson (at least from my experience).

    While I have heard through the grapevine that discussions have taken place between the admins of the server about what is happening to us esquires, I feel that now that the rank requirement system is close to being established that these discussions should expand to include the whole server.

    Looking forward to hearing what you all think.


  • Baron

    The general thought has been that if you think you were close, you get your previous liege to vouch for you and then we'll vote as a community to promote.

  • Minister Duke

    Thank you for the endorsement boyo, you haven't been slacking either. I feel like a few see me as a random puncher though, but I have stopped unless I am punched first now. I think that so long as we work hard at it, then we will be able to make lord.

  • Baron

    I agree, I feel if you have helped out with a lot of spawn construction and been active in discussion than that should definitely count towards your ascension for Lord.

  • Count

    I'm still a little undecided about this. On one hand, we all lost our progress, some of which was much more than what it took to become lord, and we are restarting as well. On the other-hand, we still have the right start a new realm if we wish, and the esquires do not have that right yet. For those who have planned to start out as soon as they hit lord, this can be a big blow.

    To that end, I would just suggest the esquires that are seeking a promotion be exceptional members of the community. Help out around spawn, not just with houses, but things like the grinders and other forms of infrastructure. Start and comment on legal discussion (like above) and be active in the community. Participation in legal discussion was a part of the ascension requirements, and this is a PRIME time to be discussing a number of legal topics. If I see esquires who are actively pushing forward, being engaged, etc, I'm much more likely to support their promotion, than if they are just kind of waiting around for decisions to be made.

    Thats just my thoughts on the subject so far. For those that are already doing those things, just keep doing what you're doing.

  • Baron

    As Aron said, its thought that if their previous Liege vouches for them, we as a community will vote for their right to found a realm.

    It's simple, its clean, and its effective.

    This is their Liege coming forward and saying that their Esquire deserves the promotion. There are Esquires here who were bottlenecked (Bryson, Flush-Royal). There are Esquires here that had been working on their projects for the better part of a year and accomplished far more than I ever did in Aldemeria (Guy, Stryfio)

    Helping build spawn should be taken into account, but it shouldn't count against them it they cannot help as much as others. It's a busy time of year for some people and Spawn is being built at a faster and faster rate everyday. All the work they have done for the months leading up to this shouldn't be disregarded if they simply don't have the schedule to build spawn right now.

  • Baron

    Agreed. I think having the previous liege voucher for them should be plenty. We don't have anyone here whose liege hasn't moved across that might be caught out by that though do we?

  • Baron

    I am curious, what of Tayne? As he was a vassal to the one who shan't be named he has no one to vouch for him. He has been quite busy contributing to spawn and his hamlet was incredibly advanced for just being a hamlet.

  • Baron

    @Iokastos said in The Status of Esquires:

    I am curious, what of Tayne? As he was a vassal to the one who shan't be named he has no one to vouch for him. He has been quite busy contributing to spawn and his hamlet was incredibly advanced for just being a hamlet.

    I'd fully support anyone in that situation to make a case for themself and have it voted on as well.

  • Baron


    Tayne may speak his piece without a vouche, he has been more active the last week than alot of people.

    That's what I'd say

  • Baron

    I agree with what's been said here.

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