Erastil's Great Guide to Litematica Info For Everyone (EGGLIFE)

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    Welcome to EGGLIFE, this guide is designed to help you all navigate the process of installing, and using the Litematica Mod for Minecraft!


    The first step is to install the Rift Launcher, this is basically like Forge, except its rift. Not forge. Rift. Get it? good.

    you can download rift for 1.13.2 by following THIS LINK

    Once you've downloaded that, launch that mothertrucker, it should pop up a window saying something like RIFT HAS BEEN SUCCESSFULLY INSTALLED GREAT JOB YOU ARE A SOLID PERSON

    Now, launch MINECRAFT with the Rift profile, just to make sure that mothertrucker works

    it'll look like this when you have the right profile selected

    alt text

    Now, close minecraft and get to your .minecraft folder, if you can't manage that, should you really be trying to mod the game?

    Get there, and go into the mods folder. Leave that open, ive decided to do this in a weird order so just roll with it.

    Now, you need 2 (two) mods to make litematica work, the Litematica Mod (DUH) and the Malalib mod (Not Duh)

    you can get those HERE and HERE

    alt text

    now, launch the game again. Hopefully nothing breaks or crashes, but if it does, do what the server normally does, and blame Loric. Leave me out of it.

    Now, assuming all of that worked, we can get in to actually using the damn mod

    If you have voxel map installed, you'll want to move the voxel map menu hotkey off of m, since Litematica uses m in conjuction with other buttons alot, i moved it to k, but you can move it anywhere you want, even though K is obviously the right choice, i wont judge you for being wrong different

    If you are using optifine (Which I reccomend using anytime) you can use it with rift by just tossing the jar in the mods folder like litematica or voxel map.

    Furthermore, if you are using optifine, theres a couple settings you need to have set a certain way so that Litematica will render right and not go CRAZY ON YOU

    Shaders: Turn shaders off when you are using litematica. Just do it.
    Render Regions needs to be turned off, this will be found under PERFORMANCE SETTINGS, in VIDEO SETTINGS
    Fast Render: Might need to be turned off if you still get weird visual bugs. Again, blame Loric. He can take it.

    So, the first step, obviously, is to MAKE a schematic. Old schematica schematics probably wont work right, so just suck it up and make new ones. ❤ .

    Making a Schematic

    Step One: Get a stick. The stick item functions like a tool for Litematica, you'll need one. Just get one, its a stick, they are cheap.

    When you have the stick in your inventory, make sure the text in the bottom left looks like this

    alt text

    if it says anything else, you need to ctrl+scroll while you are holding it until it says 1/7. you get it.

    Step Two: Create a Selection

    To create a selection area, you need to press m+s at the same time, that will bring up this screen.

    alt text

    Smash that new Selection button at the top, give it a name, and hit that OK button like it owes you Iguanas.

    make sure the line that appears in the menu for that selection stays highlighted, i.e. dont click it off like a dummy, and then press esc to exit this menu.

    Now that you have a selection named, you'll have some text above the 1/7 for your stick in the bottom left, like this.

    alt text

    thats how you know you didnt f it up. if you did f it up, quit it.

    Step Three: Make a selection box.

    To add the boxes to make your selection area, press M+A at the same time, and then step back. in front of you should be two box skeletons (Boxetons?) that look like this.

    hi mom

    the light blue box is going to be the ORIGIN box, this is the point that the schematic will place from when you eventually place the schematic. Put that where you want by right clicking.

    alt text

    now, lets actually make a box around the stuff we want to select

    middle click on the red box, and it will turn light blue, and your origin box will turn orange. Now you should have figured it out, the box you have selected is light blue. thats how you know you selected it. GJ. Im proud of you.

    alt text

    now to select the area, left click in one corned, and right click in the opposite corner. If you hold shift when you click, it will use the actual block you clicked as the corner, otherwise it will just selected the air next to the face you clicked.

    alt text

    (SIDE NOTE: YOU CAN PRESS M+A to make additional pairs of box selectors, that you can move around to make more specific shapes for the schematic if you want to be precise like that.

    like this
    alt text


    to save your beautiful schematic, press Ctrl+S at the same time, that will bring up this menu

    alt text

    you can either just hit the save schematic button, or you can create a new directory if you want to be organized like ME

    either way, once you hit that save button, you can esc out of this screen back to the game

    if you want to remove a selection area, say you dont like it anymore, or it broke up with you on labor day cus it thinks you are better as friends, press m+s again and hit the minus button next to the selection you want to delete.



    press M. this brings up a menu

    alt text

    press the load schematic to memory button. then find the schematic you want to place down, and hit load schematic to memory. leave the create placement box checked and it will place the schematic down.

    alt text

    now we have a schematic, great job guys, unless you are Loric.

    if you want to move the schematic, grab your handy dandy stick and ctrl+scroll so it says 2/7 schematic placement. Right click wherever you want to move the origin point of the schematic to.

    alt text

    well, thats all the basic stuff, lets move on to some other cool stuff

    press M+P to get to this menu, then hit configure on the schematic you want to configure, this brings up many options for it.
    alt text


    Press M+C to bring up the config menus (Also useful for many other things, from here you can change colors, many options, hot keys, etc. )

    go to the render layers tab, and click that button until it says SINGLE LAYER

    NOW: NOTE: This bases the layer it renders off the actual y value of the world, not the layer of the schematic, so you might not see it at first cus it will default to 0. set some hotkeys to the next layer and previous layer button, and you can go up and down with ease.

    IT IS IMPORTANT TO NOTE HOWEVER, these layer buttons will only work while your stick is on 2/7 mode.

    ALSO NOTE: placed schematics and selections areas WILL PERSIST if you log off or restart your client, which is very neat.

    ALSO ALSO NOTE: you can have multiple schematics and selections at the same time

    Good luck and if you have questions or additions to this poorly formatted guide, you can send them to me and I may or may not get back to you

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