New Member Application: Morph.

  • Commoner

    A little bit about myself: Howdy, I'm Morph. I am from Alberta, Canada. I am 18 years old. My Minecraft IGN is m_rph

    A few interests of mine:
    Music (This is my passion, I hope to have a career in the audio world someday, whether that be as an engineer, a producer or even a A&R position. The music scene is something I want to be involved in)
    Clothing (Currently in the early phase of developing my own brand, which is extremely fun)
    Technology (I have always had an interest in the way upcoming technology works and it is quite fascinating to see the technological age develop and push boundaries)

    Lore: My name is Mohver, the former Marquess of Sconmatan people and divine ruler of the Aracos Sea. Our kingdom was flourishing, the barriers that had been set by our ancestors were shattered and we strived towards greener pastures. I lead a proud nation… the proudest of people... a plague had swept across the arid lands and had crumbled our buildings into a shell of its former self. Our hold had fallen into chaos, rancid smells, fecal matter, and death filled every stone crack in the streets. The soul and life had been sucked out of everything I held dear.
    I then made a choice that I am not proud of. For fear of myself, I had fled. Before I left, I looked out once more before leaving, pitifully, looking at the lands that I was proud to have called home.
    I now wander these lands, alone and in despair. I’ve been wandering for a long time, searching for answers where I knew there was none. I wish, no, I beg of you to accept me into your lands that you so graciously call, Candarion. I only ask one thing, and that thing is to start anew. I shall redeem those who died in my name.

    Building Experience/Examples: I have been playing Minecraft since I was 12 years old. I used to be a part of a few PE build teams and mobile based communities (that's where I fortunately met "TC", who you guys know as "Loric") and improved a lot as a builder because of my peers in that community. I left the community a little over a year ago because I had gotten extremely bored of Minecraft and the community, and decided to focus on my music. Now I am back, and although these builds are a bit rusty I am sure I will improve a bunch as time goes on 😄 👍
    alt text
    alt text
    I am excited to see where this application goes, hope you like the builds.
    - Morph.

  • Minister Duke

    Hello, Morph

    I have a few questions for ya: has Loric explained the Liege/Vassal system, and is there anything that you don't understand about it?

    Another question: Are you gonna be joining Loric if accepted?

    Third question: Favourite kind of music?

  • Commoner

    @bryson3842 He explained the system quite well.
    If accepted I shall join him.
    And I have 2 favourite genres of music: Jazz and EDM
    Here is an example from my favourite artist that combines the two if you are interested: really interesting stuff.

  • Baron

    I have a question, why do you consider meeting loric "fortunate" seems sketch

  • Baron

    Well, I'll get the ball rolling, I vote in favor of this applicant, you'll need for more votes until the voice interview.

  • Baron

    Hey Morph, I'm Tio.

    I'm just wondering if we could have some more info on your writing/world building (if you have any, I'm sure it's perfectly fine if not)

    Also, what are your favorite genres of fantasy?

  • Commoner

    @Aevirath I consider meeting him fortunate because even though we might get on each others nerves (I feel like I usually annoy him more lmao) I know that I can always count on him. He is a great quality friend, therefore I was fortunate enough to have met him 😄

  • Commoner

    @Tioteche I don't have any more info on the writing aspects, sorry.
    My favourite fantasy genre would either have to be sci fi or alternate world fantasy, what is your?

  • Minister Duke

    I will vote in favour

  • Count

    Looks good to me. Have another vote.


  • Baron


    My favorite genre is either gritty realism fantasy or high fantasy sword and sorcery.

    I vote in favor 4/5

  • Baron

    I vote in favor 5/5

  • Baron

    Following a brief interview, I am granting Mohver's application Ministerial Approval.

    Liege offers may now commence!

  • Baron

    I offer you vassalage to Añora.

  • Commoner

    @Loric I will gladly accept your offer.

  • Minister Duke

    A real shocker 😛

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