A Knight in the Night

  • Prince

    Most of the small town had gathered in the meeting house to hear what Jenkins had to say, the story had spread to the local populace quickly and even to some of the outlaying farmsteads. Jenkins seemed no worse for ware and was drinking a huge tankard of ale.

    “Ok, ok. So I will tell it one more time. Everyone even here?” People quieted down and the kids all fought to be closer to the front where he was.

    “So, three nights ago now, there was that t hick fog you all remember it. I was out with my brother in law, Terry and he we were trapping, and the mist started rolling in. It was light at first and we thought we’d have some time to get a few more traps down before we’d have to pack up and head back. Terry went off and I was packing up the stuff into our bags. That’s wen the mist got thick, and I mean it was as bad as soup. I luckily had a good idea of which direction to go, and at a good pace I was maybe a half hour from the closest waystation.”

    He took a long sip, some who had heard the story were impatient with the buildup.

    “So, I start running, and I have to keep my hands out to keep from hitting anything in the fog. I could barely see ten feet in front of me and I was scared I was going to run into a tree or fall into a ditch. I was maybe five minutes in when I hear a growling. It sounded like wolves, so I am thinking maybe they are running to a den as well. So, I try and veer away from them. The sound gets closer and its deeper and bigger it sounded like the biggest wolf I had ever heard, and it was moving fast up behind me. I didn’t look I just leaned forward into my sprint. My legs were burning but I wasn’t gaining any ground. I looked back for a moment not that I could have seen anything in the fog anyway and in that moment, I slam headlong into something hard. I think I have run into a tree. The thought ran through my mind that this is exactly how I die, running into a tree. “

    People chuckle a bit, Jenkins was known for being a bit of a putz, but loveably.

    “I look up and realize it wasn’t a tree though. It was a man, in armor he hadn’t even budged when I smashed into him. It was slow like an unveiling that I saw what he was. Now you hear that the Knight Valiant are bright as the sun, radiant and benevolent. Having seen one now, I don’t think that is true. Then the growling stopped, and I saw what was chasing me. It was a wolf that looked like a man, huge taller than a horse but shorter than a draft. The Knight stepped right over me and readied himself. That close I could truly see the difference, he was massive easily looking the wolf in the eyes. They circled for a moment and I scurried back away. It was like a thunderbolt crack and they were fighting. The moments were fast and brutal I could hear claws against armor and yelps as the knights sword made contact. I could tell he was Vansen by his Cadais. He fought hard but this wolf monster could take the punishment. Eventually the creature ran off. The Knight looked down at me through his helm I could see that his eyes were bright yellow and glowed bright. He didn’t step toward me or speak he just turned around and ran after the wolf creature.”

    He set his ale down, his face gone white as he really thought about what had happened.

    “The Knight valiant protect us from monsters…but seeing that, I cannot truly say they are men anymore. I know of no man who could do the things I saw.”

    The room was hushed, and a child started to cry, and their mother scooped them up. All had come to hear a story they thought would be rousing and exciting and instead they were filled with questions they could never answer and dread they would never be able to shake.

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