Spectator mode on the creative server

  • Baron

    I fully understand that we don't have a creative server yet and that that is not a priority at this time. However, I did want to get some juices flowing about spectator mode. As far as I'm aware it was impossible to go into spectator mode in the server that shall not be named. While this is not a massive issue, it would help the creation of farms tremendously, improving spawn rates and overall production. Of course, it could be abused to find diamonds and such, which is why I want to open a discussion on it. I find that the value of being able to create farms easily by isolating unlit caves outweighs the potential limitation of abuse of the system, but I know you all might not feel that that way.

  • Baron

    I personally do not support the use of spectator mode in the creative server, though I do understand why some farms may benefit from spectator mode. If we are allowing spectator mode to be allowed, I think a minister or admin will need to monitor the user using spectator mode. Though is very unlikely.

  • Viscount

    I would be in support of spectator mode. If someone wanted to find diamonds, the seed is public. They could easily just make a singleplayer world and go into spectator there, so blocking spectator on the creative server wouldn't really alleviate that problem -- plus, I'm inclined to think that very few people on the server would want to cheat that way. Overall the benefits strongly outweigh the costs in my book.

  • Baron

    @beijimon Raise's a good point actually, the seed is already public, people could always cheat in their own personal world. Now that this point has been raised, my opinion has leaned more towards spectator mode on the server.

  • Count

    the seed is public, you can make a private world, go into spectator, and do all this. This is just a convenience thing for the server version. IMO it just keeps people using the server version and bringing the community together.
    I see no problem with it.

    also, if i'm going to cheat to find diamonds, thats not how i'm gonna do it. I'm just gonna get an x-ray mod.
    You can only see diamonds that are exposed either air or lava. thats a minority of the diamonds. I honestly think it would be easier to mine the diamonds the normal way, rather than find them in spectator, write the coordinates down, go to survival, dig to that spot, and get the diamonds...

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