Custom Built End Portals

  • Baron

    We talked about this some in the past but I wanted to re-kindle the discussion.

    Should realms (players) be able to request an end portal to be placed in their realm in a location of their choosing?

    • What sort of realm requirements should be met before one is built?
    • How many per realm?
    • Should the portal need to be placed inside some sort of structure to mimic that of a naturally spawned one? (i.e. It has to be in a building or structure, not just in the open)
    • Any other things that I can't think of at this moment

    I'll post my thoughts separately just to keep this neat.

  • Baron

    I would like some kind of structure to be built around the portal, whether that be a house or a gazebo, I think something should be required around it.

    One per realm, just like naturally spawned ones, it is rare for a realm to have access to more then one.

    Vicount and above maybe?

    I would be fine with any realm being able to request one, including those with naturally spawned ones. Just an added benefit of where they picked.

  • Minister Duke

    @Mimo I would agree to all of the above except maybe to baron and up, so all realms could have access to the end

  • Baron

    This is a great idea! But I do not believe that it should be available to barons, rather I would want it to be reserved for viscount and up. If you're baron, it gives the incentive to work towards viscount if you want an end portal in your realm. So adding more additions to viscount would make the role more desirable than it currently is.

    Granted there are many pluses with having all those with noble ranks be allowed an end portal in their realm to help with stuff like easier access to the end grinder and trade, but I believe that having an end portal is a privilege that should be worked towards.

  • Baron

    @Loric said in Custom Built End Portals:

    Granted there are many pluses with having all those with noble ranks be allowed an end portal in their realm to help with stuff like easier access to the end grinder and trade, but I believe that having an end portal is a privilege that should be worked towards.

    So I initially put vicount just as a starting point. I think baron and above should have access to the custom portals, my reasoning being that realms that have naturally spawned portals in them don't require much work to access initially and there is no prerequisite in those situations that they have any rank. Because we made no restrictions on land claiming that had naturally generated ones, I don't believe we should impose a rank restriction on artificial ones.

    Like I said before, I think the work needed to get one should match that of finding and setting one up that naturally spawns. Which in our situation, is really not that hard at all.

  • Minister Duke

    @Loric There are already things that you get when you get to viscount. I think that having it at baron is intself something to work towards since there are now 3 ranks before the lord equivalent.

  • Non-Participating Baron

    I agree with Bryson and Mimo on this one, for reasons stated in above messages.

  • Count

    I think this is a prime item to be put towards a realm rank or overall size of realm.

    We had talked about something to encourage taking vassals. Since we took away vassal builds counting towards a liege's rank advancement, there really isn't any advantage to having a vassal. (this is a sentiment I remember hearing before, I'm assuming it hasn't changed.)

    What if we just set a requirement for the structure around the portal, as well as number of settlements/buildings in the realm. This could be the viscount reqs spread over the entire realm, or an entirely different set of reqs. But the key would be that all builds count towards it, so everyone in the realm can work towards the common goal of a portal (or ftp, or other realm based benefit) while they work for their individual rank advancements.

    If there are no vassals in the realm, (and we use viscount reqs) then its just locked behind viscount as normal.

    Other thought: Whether or not we do the above with vassals, I would prefer it to be locked behind at least baron level building reqs for the realm. Meaning the realm actually has to have 35 buildings in it (25 and 15 in at least one additional settlement) rather than just locked behind the rank. If someone ranks up to Baron in the future, founds a new realm, I feel something has to be built in it, rather than instantly getting a portal. This would be similar to how fast travel worked on Aldemeria: fast travel required the Count rank, but the Count STILL had to build a 30 building settlement, along with all the other stuff for their harbor or caravan, before they could actually get it.

  • Baron

    @Alric generally agree with your last post

  • Prince

    Alric in fact hits on some really key points. As it stands there really isn't any incentive to take vassals. And really we should really put some major emphasis on realm progression not just player progression. We spent a brief moment in the past talking about it but I think many of the hurdles for that was that there wasn't a good set of rewards for realm tiers. And then we tied a bunch of rewards to player rank and not realm rank to better incentive player progression.

    Right now we are talking about custom end portals but I think this needs to be tabled until we have an actual concrete system in place for realm rewards and progression.

  • Baron

    So from what I understand from the conversation on discord and here, that at least one of, if not the only requirement for an end portal is that there has to be a temple/building for it to be housed inbuilt first?

  • Baron

    @Kyrin Yeah most likely, I don't want to see a random ass end portal lobbed onto the ground of a realm.

    In some ways, I do want to see people dedicate large structures around the portal. Like construct a statue that harbors it or something. Something that's similar to what we do with nether portals.

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