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    This post is part of a series related to Fast-Travel-Points (FTP) - [1/2] | The other discussion can be found here.

    I wanted to discuss the requirements for FTP in a realm, previously it was discussed as follows:

    • Viscount -> Can start a co-build NPC realm with other Viscount+, first FTP (approx old Count)
    • Count -> Can found solo NPC realms
    • Duke -> 2 Votes, 2nd FTP
    • Prince -> 3rd FTP

    Where a single FTP refers to the port/caravan parking area, an area can contain multiple connections to various realms.

    Do you think that the rank previously discussed is sufficient? What FTP specific requirements would you like to see?

    • Boat/Caravan size?
    • Max single point connection distance?
    • Max number of connections per FTP?
    • Other things I can't think of


    Discussion resolved here

  • Count

    I think most of the initial discussion will happen in the other thread, but I do want to reiterate that I would like to see ftp disassociated with player rank, and instead have its own reqs, (that can match the various player ranks) just so we can work together with vasals for something like that.

  • Count

    Alright, I'm going to consolidate and post my idea of what the requirements and limits of FTP would look like based on all the discussion I've read so far.
    To put the ship length into perspective: My small ship is 29 blocks long, my medium is 49, and my large is 84.

    Regional Trade Hub (RTH):
    The Realm must have a developed settlement of at least 15 buildings, to serve as the RTH.

    Optional [Harbor]:
    The RTH must have docks and at least two ships that are at least 20 blocks long.
    The RTH may connect to the single nearest ftp capable harbor in each direction along the coast.

    Optional [Caravan]:
    The RTH must have a market with at least 5 stalls.
    The RTH must have one caravan consisting of at least four carts or wagons, with each being at least 5 blocks long, for each ftp.
    [Caravan]The realm may connect to the nearest ftp capable harbor.
    [harbor] The realm may connect to the nearest ftp capable caravan.

    EDIT: "in the event that a realm looking to connect a Regional Trade Hub has no viable external connections that satisfy the existing small port requirements, the infrastructure minister may grant a one-time exception to the nearest inter-realm point regardless of the number of connections already existing at that port."

    [It may be prudent to put a minister of justice exception here, that they can have a second land ftp to accommodate a chain of land based small ftp settlements without harbors, or multiple landlocked realms having the same (small) port as their nearest port. At the moment, It doesn't look like it could become an issue based on the world map, but that could change]

    International Trade Hub (ITH):
    The Realm must have a developed settlement of at least 30 buildings, to serve as the ITH. The realm must also contain at least two other settlements, making a total of at least 55 buildings in the realm.
    All settlements must be connected to the ITH via overland roads.

    Optional [Harbor]:
    The ITH must have docks and at least four ships that are at least 20 blocks long.
    The ITH may connect to any number of ftp capable harbors, providing it has a docked ship for each transfer point.

    Optional [Caravan]:
    The ITH must have at least four Caravans, consisting of at least four carts or wagons, with each being at least 5 blocks long.
    The ITH may connect to any number ftp capable caravans, providing it has a Caravan (of at least four carts or wagons) for each transfer point.

    A few notes:
    The ITH requirements are the same as for viscount, but spread over the entire realm, which just means vassal builds count for this, so multi-person realms have something to work for. With this in mind, I would also be fine with the same logic being used to make a single hub for multiple realms, providing they share a border. So Kirrand and Ashdown could count their settlements together and make a single ITH somewhere in the combined territory if they wanted to work together. In my mind, if the realms are so close that they touch, its no different than two players in a single realm working together, except there is more import/export tax happening.

    I didn't include a decorated netherline since it didn't sound like there were many in favor of that. I just want to note that I hate you all, because I'm just finishing decorating my 1500 block netherline.

    I also didn't include any requirements for foreign built ships/trade halls, lore, realm playing host to lore events, leader of the realm heavily participating in community wide events, etc. which were partial reqs (meet 5/7) in the old system. While these were nice in practice, some (foreign built) could limit you based on other people, and others (leader participating in community) just sounded like the kind of language cerdic used gatekeep and cause issues prior to the fishening. If anyone wants aspects of that stuff to be put back in, I'd be fine with it, with the exception of the foreign built stuff. I do not want anything that could limit you because of other players work/activity.

    For multiple ftp in a realm, I would restrict them to Regional Trade Hubs, and unlock at the total realm size equivalent of Duke (+1), Prince (+2), and King (+3)

    at request: images of my 3 boats for anyone not familiar with them:

  • Minister Duke

    I would be all for what is outlined above and I agree that there shouldn't be anything that limits a person due to others activity, though i think there should be some bonus for a foreign built ship to both where they are placed and who built it to incentivise more diversity.

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