chorus plant crafting recipe

  • Count

    Would anyone be opposed to creating a crafting recipe to get the "chorus plant" block that is available in creative, but unobtainable in survival?

    Maybe 4 chorus fruit in a square to make a chorus plant?

    I want to make chorus groves and would prefer to do it myself rather than just grow them naturally and try to limit their height.


    Resolved here

  • Baron

    I'm going to have to be more thoroughly convinced. Seems pointless to me.

  • Count

    so if you plant a chorus flower on endstone, it will grow into the chorus tree we are familiar with from the end. The stems are known as chorus plant blocks, and the naturally generated trees are 10-20 blocks high, and are topped with other chorus flowers.

    you can break the chorus flowers, making them renewable, and when you break the bottom chorus plant block, each block above it breaks, and they all drop 0-1 chorus fruit

    Chorus fruit can be eaten, popped in a furnace and used to make end rods/end city bricks... etc.

    But you cannot obtain the chorus plant block in survival. It will always drop chorus fruit

    I want to build some groves of chorus trees as a crop the Ornthasians grow. But I don't want trees that are 10-20 blocks high. I want smaller trees that are being cultivated, and want more control in how they branch out. I could do this by first placing blocks above, like placing blocks to prevent giant oaks from spawning, but I still don't get to control how they branch.

    I would rather have a crafting recipe, even if its less efficient (4 fruit to 1 plant, when the plant drops 0-1 fruit) so I can build the grove the way I want it.

  • Baron

    Generally in favor of making unobtainable things obtainable

  • Minister Duke

    @Aron Same, but would it be possible to grow full ones and then cut them down to size?

  • Count

    As I mentioned above, I can't get the look I want with natural spawning trees, because even if i stop them at the right height, the branching will be really simplistic, maybe 2 stalks.

  • Baron

    I am sufficiently convinced.

  • Prince

    I'm fine with this as it's a block that cannot be acquired. 4fruit -> 1 block i think is fair

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