Merchant Wars Volume 1, Summer 1 SC

  • Minister Duke

    “This merchant council convenes to stop the growth of the Throne of Obrexia. They hold too much power, and we too little. We shall have to use what we do have to push them out of this position. We cannot simply stay as we are or we shall stagnate.” Merchant Lord Ajaxin states to those assembled around the dining hall of the Merchant's Guild on Leidon Isle.

    “The strikers cut further and further into the underbelly and they are cutting into my trade!” Merchant Lord Sewel White angrily shouts. “What right do they have to hamper us so! What Ruler even sends strikers after such petty criminal activity?!”

    “We must indeed send this upstart a lesson that he will never forget. No one messes with the power of us merchant lords.” Farel Lond gravely states.

    Uriel Staph blanches whiter with each passing comment, but he doesn’t speak up for or against any of the commotion going on. He seems to grow more nervous with each passing second.

    “I believe that you may be taking this a bit too far. The highest position that we have ever tried to assail was a baron! We overstep greatly in this matter. We may have been afforded some greater measure of control by the last Ruler, but you have to have known that it couldn’t last. Hawkson seeks to expand his rule, and he can hardly do so without a firm grasp on what he is already supposed to control. Face it, this is the end of the era of Merchant Lords.” Merchant Lady Evaline Darley reasons.

    “And why should we care about the opinions of someone who did not get here off of their own power?” Sewel viscously snarls towards the much more composed woman.

    “I hardly think that none of you ever had any help from your respective families when it came to your own enterprises. My father may have established the Darley Wine Company, but I have expanded the business from two wineries to eight, and I have secured multiple trade deals for the most recent vintages with multiple other countries. There is nothing I doubt more than the fact that you would have single-handedly built up a company that has been around longer than you have even been alive.” Evaline finishes the rant by emptying her wine glass and slamming it on the table just hard enough to not break it.

    “Now, now, there is no need for us to fight amongst ourselves. We have an enemy that we can unify against and I would suggest that you vote in favor of this. Or else we might just have to take a vote of removal.” Ajaxin says the second sentence in barely a whisper, but it seems to echo across the room, as all present sit a bit straighter at the open threat.

    “There shall be no need. I recuse myself from this council, and I shall make sure to buy up your companies when you fall.” Evaline snaps her fingers, and exits the room, swiftly followed by an unassuming servant carrying a cloak.

    “Now that all that oppose have left us, we shall vote. All in favor?”

    Three hands rise smoothly up into the air, while the fourth shakily makes its way up there from Uriel.

    “Then we are in agreement. We are adjourned.” At that, Ajaxin hits the table with a small gavel.

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