Merchant Wars Volume 2, Fall 1 SC

  • Minister Duke

    “How many times do I need to tell you? You are not the Ruler of Obrexia and you never will be. The merchant family council may hold some power, but it will never rival my own.” Bryson Hawkson slammed his fist into the table to emphasize his point.

    “Yet I wield the power of the families all the same. You cannot stop me when I move trade from your ports to those friendlier. We will get these goods through whether you like it or not.” Lord Ajaxin replies cooly.

    Bryson was quite visibly seething at this affront, but Lord Ajaxin was correct. The rulership could not directly interfere in this matter if the merchant council was able to rally around this position. An idea struck him in that moment that he would be able to clear himself of this problem once and for all, and it showed, with a wide grin coming about his features.

    “The merchant council must be whole and resolute to oppose the Ruler. Are you so sure you can hold your underlings in line?” Bryson states, continuing the expansive grin.

    Ajaxin's falters a bit before he seems to double down on his stance. “Of course we are united, it would be preposterous to think that I would try and oppose the likes of you without a united front.”

    But all was not as it seems. Bryson's hawklike gaze caught nigh imperceptible beads of sweat running into the merchant lord's collar.

    “We shall see. I think this meeting is very much over. My Voice shall see you out.” At that, Ajaxin is ignored as he still tries to protest, before being roughly shoved out the door, by a solid, though unassuming man.

    “I think ending it there is a mistake, milord.” Voice Caspien states placidly.

    “Which is why I need you to deploy the best man for the job so that we can see who is going to crack first as well as gather all of their secrets. Authorize all that is necessary so that we can gain control of these pompous lordlings.” Bryson says with a sneer at the thought of the men.

    “As you wish, my Ruler.” Caspien gives a bow and seemingly merges into the shadows of the room.

    “And I sincerely doubt that they have the full council of five behind this decision, Evaline is a different woman than most of them on that council.” Bryson offhandedly states to what most would assume is thin air, but the hawk looking down over the room seems to nod in agreement.

    “I know that you are more capable than that Helena,” Bryson says exasperatedly, but the hawk just seems to be doing an impression of someone laughing.

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