Smiths of Helios, Silence & Screams

  • Prince

    "There once was a smith from a small village. He had been tasked by his lord to craft five swords for the local stock. In his time five swords from a small village was a tall order. His master had died the previous winter and he took over the duties. While he was skilled at shoeing a horse or repairing an axe edge, he was not so skilled in making weapons for war. His Master had thought he would be good enough to be passing, but that proved to be folly. "

    "The smith finished his first sword and sent it to the Master at Arms to be vetted before he continued work."

    "A day later the Master at Arms came to his smith and threw the broken weapon down at the smiths feet. The Smith was chastised and told that smiths who tried to pass shit work were treated the same as those who would betray a Lord. The Smith not wanting to lose his head for his own incompetence tried to argue his case by the Master of Arms would not hear it. The Smith was given a choice to do his craft with dignity or lose his life to it. "

    Such a punishment is hard I know, but these were different times, harder times. Let me continue the story.

    "The smith had little time to finish his work. He toiled into the night making mistake after mistake. He laid a piece of iron on his anvil and raised his hammer. But instead of striking he just yelled, he screamed all of his frustrations out onto the weapon and in that moment the iron was struck by a divine hammer. He saw the way the iron was moved. He screamed again and again, each scream a blow from the heavens inching the blade to completion. The sun rose and his voice was hoarse but the blade was done. The Master of Arms returned and saw the weapon and how finely it was crafted, and doubled the Smiths requirements."

    "The smith the next day looked at his forge and doubted he could complete such a request. His throat was still raw after all. He set another piece of hot iron and set to screaming. Each scream turned the iron into weapons. The Master of Arms came as he was finishing the 9th blade. The Master of Arms asked for the final, and that he would wait in town. The Smith tried to forge the last blade, but his voice was gone his throat scarred. He tried to forge the blade with hammer but couldn't. Days past and his work was still shoddy and his voice still gone. He slumped against his anvil. The whole time, 9 swords made he was given the instructions on how to forge a weapon, but instead he took the easy way. He could not remember what each scream changed or made. "

    "The master of arms returned to see the mess and the lack of a finished blade. the smith was unable to defend himself, he had no voice and no skill to write. Unable to see a satisfactory answer the Master of Arms concluded that he had somehow cheated and given finished blades and not new stock. For the crime the Master of Arms had the smiths hands smashed with his own hammers and sent him out into the wilds."

    This story is why there are two schools of smiths in Helios. The Smiths who scream as they work, putting their very all into every blow to the point that they have to yell. Each of them hoping to gain insight in a blow delivered by the gods. And those who are utterly silent and let the strikes of their tools be the only words spoken in their forges. These smiths want only their own work to show through and do not wish for the gods to intervene. In a large city like Hyperion the smiths are even split with screams to one side and the silent on another. The Smiths guild is even split along these philosophical lines.