Candarion Server FAQ

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    This is the Official FAQ for The Realms of Candarion Minecraft Server, containing answers to the most commonly asked questions new and old players alike might ask

    This FAQ was last updated on June 2, 2020 by Memeo

    Age Requirement

    You must be at least 16 years old to apply.

    What is Candarion?

    The Realms of Candarion is a Minecraft Server which focuses on world building and lore creation, providing a platform for players to work together and create settlements, realms, characters and the surrounding stories which flesh out the world we share.

    How is time spent in Candarion?

    The majority of our time is spent in game, building up the realms we inhabit. Outside of the game itself, we also spend time contributing lore stories to our forums, creating wiki pages for our realms/characters and generally fleshing out our shared world.

    Each of us takes on the role of a fictional character who we primarily use as the driving force for our personal lore. Stories are often told from the perspective of this character (where appropriate), but we do not have any traditional role playing in game. The exception to this is during official events in game, such as a trial or lore battle. When talking in discord or interacting in game normally, we just play as ourselves, not our character.

    What are the Player Ranks?

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    Every player in Candarion has a rank associated with them. Ranks are mainly used to differentiate the level of contribution each player has made during their time here.

    The ranks of Candarion, in ascending order are: Commoner, Esquire, Knight, Baron, Viscount, Count, Duke, Prince, King and Emperor. The ranks of Baron and above are known as ‘Noble’ ranks.

    We refer you to the official charter document HERE for the official requirements of each rank, but essentially, more lore contributions and building in game will correlate with higher ranks. Ranking up brings with it certain benefits (besides bragging rights), such as additional votes, the ability to found new realms and more.

    All successful applicants will start as commoners and rank up once the relevant requirements have been met.

    What are Lieges and Vassals?

    Lieges are the players who are in charge of a realm on the server. Lieges are primarily responsible for directing the lore and overall build style and aesthetic of their realm. In addition, lieges are responsible for any vassals under their jurisdiction.

    Vassals are players who are under the direction of a higher ranking player. Vassals will work within their lieges land and follow their instructions in order to rank up.

    The exact responsibilities of the liege/vassal relationship will vary depending on the individuals in question, but it is expected that a liege will act as the vassals mentor and help navigate them through their initial journey in Candarion. Some Lieges may have a specific goal or set of directions in mind for their vassals, other may have a more ‘hands off’ approach, allowing the vassal more creative freedom. Be sure to speak to any potential lieges about their own requirements and goals before accepting an offer of vassalage

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