A Guide for New Applicants

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    This guide aims to cover the basics for those looking to join The Realms of Candarion and was last updated on 9th May by The Valeyard

    If you are interested in joining The Realms of Candarion, you’ll need to create a forums account. This will enable you to post on the forum and create your application. To do this, click register in the top right hand corner of the page and fill out the relevant information. An administrator will then activate your account. Before posting your application we recommend you spend some time on the forums, discord and our wiki so you can get a feel for our server history and story. Applications which demonstrate a willingness to research our world and its history will get more attention!
    Once you are ready, go ahead and create an application by posting in the ‘New Applications’ subforum, titled “[Your Characters Name]’s Application”.

    We don’t have an exact template which applications must adhere to, but we are looking out for a few things:

    1. Tell us about yourself IRL. At the very least we’ll need your Minecraft username, age and timezone. It also helps to give us a summary of your Minecraft experience up to now. Have you ever played on a Minecraft server before? Do you have any world building experience (in Minecraft or elsewhere)?

    2. Show us your lore writing skills. A significant part of what we do here is writing stories about the world we create. This is usually done from the perspective of a character we play as, though this does vary. Tell us about your character and who they are. What are their motives and desires? What is their sex/race?

    3. Build Pictures! We love to see what you can do in game. This is mostly because we like pretty pictures, but also so we can get an idea of your skill level and aesthetic choices. This will help us place you with a realm should your application eventually be successful. If you do not have any previous builds you can show us, we recommend building something in creative specifically for your application. Anything will do, but screenshots showing medieval or earlier style builds are appreciated.

    After you’ve posted your application, members of our server will read your application and will likely ask you questions to learn more about you and your character. When satisfied, members will then vote on your application. Once you receive the relevant number of affirmative votes (currently 5), you will need to submit to a voice interview via discord, arranged with The Minister of Applications (or one of their deputies). This is so we can better discuss certain aspects of the server and make a final decision on your suitability.
    Once approved by the Ministry of Applications, you will then be eligible to receive offers of vassalage realm leaders. This will take the form of a comment on your original application post, detailing the benefits of choosing their realm as your new home.

    Please see our Example Application for an idea of how to structure your application

    If you have any questions about the application process, or the server in general, please message one of our administrators, or better yet, join our discord and speak with the community.

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