Sogad Model of Religion

  • Baron

    Often times, outsiders would perceive Sogad paganism as a hedonistic faith that occupies itself with questions such as what pleasures to indulge in and overcome our life with. On the surface, this is true - but Sogad paganism is not the act of indulging in desires, but in achieving a regulation to our personal pursuit of pleasures. Alcohol and Narcotics are a legitimate form of worship and method of spending your mortal days on earth, yet alcoholism and addiction is severely looked down upon as a form of spiritual failure. To outsiders, the Sogad faith seem to be full of contradictions, but to the Sogad, these contradictions are the tenets of their faith.

    The Sogad may also appear to outsiders as atheists. They do not fear or revere in their set of gods, and do not believe in a creator of the world. In accordance to the Sogad view of life as something that is utterly meaningless - to be filled with a purpose of your own creation: The gods themselves are meaningless and would only become relevant to your life and the meaning you have created for it. Morality in a meaningless life is a precious gift, and the immortal gods lead a life devoid of purpose and meaning save for in teaching their mortal followers in their ways of purpose and pleasure in life. The Sogad are not servants to the gods as much as they are their students and the gods their servants.

    Three gods exist within the Sogad pantheon. Their names are:
    Ardashir - Patron of Alcohol, Narcotics, and Physical Pleasure
    Mayazd - Patron of War, Family, and Learning
    Zendagir - Patron of the Arts, Creation, and Devotion

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