Tywen for Lore Minister

  • Prince

    I'd love to run for Lore Minister.

    In this post I would not only see to it that contests, lore drives and in game events were run on a more regular schedule but I would also aim to explore the lore of those realms who may only be getting started with their lore. I believe that the Minister should not just be a check to run away lore but also a boon to those who may struggle to get started or to find the right thread to follow to start telling their own stories.

    While I have never been a full on minister either here or on Aldemeria I made sure to have my hands in almost all of the positions and made a point to be involved in small scale and large scale lore events.

    If anyone has questions please let me know.

    I will likely have a follow up post to this with some of my ideas for the coming Lore Minister term.

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