Ohts- The Beginning

  • Baron

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    In the first garden, Great Mother bore many children, and knew all of their names.

    They lived beside a deep sea in the shade of fragrant trees and ate lotus roots. She told her brood stories of when the stars were young and she danced among them. She filled their minds with the Ada, with the awareness of being, with the thirst for creation. She filled their hearts with the Ewen, with the desire for belonging. And then she went to dance among the stars again, to give birth in other gardens, but not without leaving guardian spirits to keep watch over her precious ones.

    And there was peace in the first garden.

    But the centuries passed and Great Mother’s children grew fat and boorish. They had never suffered and felt no remorse. They had never struggled and knew only lust. The wicked children carved up the land beside the deep sea and ate the fellow beings of the garden- they angered the guardian spirits. Great Mother saw this and feared she had poisoned their minds with the Ada, with the Ewen, and wept for their fates.

    A star fell and the sky was torn. The corruption of the garden had brought ruin.

    Water rose roaring from the deep sea like a dark horizon and burst through the hillsides; it streamed into the streets, pulling apart the houses. The corrupted children drowned. The trees drowned. The creatures beneath the canopy drowned. And it was as though the world had ended. But the poisoned soil had been fed. And so it was that a second garden would grow, tended by the guardian spirits, who welcomed new children born gasping from the mud.

    It is important for man to accept his humble beginnings. It is important that he understand his connection with the earth beneath his calloused feet. It is important that he possess the burden of suffering. We, the Emenkoh, know this truth. We shall not waste the gifts of Great Mother.

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