How to Greet the Kysar 101

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    How to Greet the Kysar 101

    Congratulation you have been graced with the distinct opportunity to have an audience with His Imperial Majesty Kysar Kyrin Skylar, Kysar of Kryizon.
    The first thing to have in order is your clothing, when meeting with the Kysar one must be dressed appropriately. All men must wear a Toga when in the presence of the Kysar, women are permitted to wear an ankle length tunic. Under no circumstances may you wear purple, to wear purple is to insult the Kysar himself.

    Once you have the appropriate garbs sorted it is important to make sure that your personal hygiene is perfect. Make sure you are clean and your hair has been washed. Beards should be shaven or groomed and dirt should be removed from beneath fingernails.

    Your audience with the Kysar
    It is important to be early to your audience so imperial officials can make sure you are appropriately dressed and clean to meet with the Kysar. Upon the completion of this inspection, you will enter the chambers of the Kysar, generally the Imperial Throne Room. It is important to not look directly at the Kysar as you approach, this can be seen as an attempt at dominance and may end in your execution.
    Once you have approached the Kysar you will kneel and bow with your arms and forehead touching the floor, once this is complete you may stand and look upon His Imperial Majesty.

    Perhaps the most important part of greeting the Kysar is the introduction. To start an imperial official will recite the following,
    "Who requests an audience with His Imperial Majesty, Kysar Kyrin Skylar?"

    To which you respond "I [your name and last name] son of [your father] and I request an audience with his Imperial Majesty." Following this, the Kysar will respond and you may begin your audience.

    When speaking to the Kysar there are a few important things to keep in mind, when referring to the Kysar it is appropriate to use "His Imperial Majesty." Also, you must answer all questions asked by the Kysar and you may not ask him any questions. Once you have completed your audience you may bow your head and make a fist and palm salute before stepping back two paces. Then you may turn around and exit the room.

    How to greet the Kysar as a foreign dignitary.

    When requesting an audience with the Kysar, even as a foreign dignitary the following is expected.

    Your clothing and personal hygiene will be immaculate, you may wear the clothes of your people but it may not include a significant amount of purple, even as sovereign ruler.

    When approaching the Kysar you may not look him in the eye and it is required, to kneel and bow before him as it is with commoners. An imperial official will state the following "Before His Imperial Majesty, Kysar Kyrin Tytanous Sakundus Macedonus Skylar, Meridius Elementus, Rex of the Kry, Imperial Protector of the Faith, Ky Paramount of the Cascade, Oracle of the Four, Guardian Chancellor of the Realm, Born of Haydryonus and of Skylar, Lord Imperium Praefectus. Stands [your name] [your position] of [your realm] and he has [your intention] with His Imperial Majesty."

    You will then exchange greetings and present the Kysar with a gift, afterwards you may begin the audience, once this is complete you will say thank you to the Kysar, always referring to him as "His Imperial Majesty" and you may exit once the audience is finished. It is expected that you give a slight head bow before leaving His Imperial Majesty's presence.

    Meeting the Kysar on the street, or at an event

    When meeting the Kysar in a non-official event, it is customary to greet the Kysar and refer to him only as "His Imperial Majesty." You may never touch the Kysar or insult him.

    Congratulations you have successfully learnt how to greet and interact with the Kysar. Good luck with your next audience.

    Audiences with the Kysar take approximately 2-8 month to occur from the date of submission.

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