Baungrvuor Clan Council, 3 S.C.

  • Baron

    It had been two years since the first assault by the shade-demons. Nights were still dangerous, but the situation did not seem to escalate beyond that. Lights and fire had been observed to keep the demons at bay, but simply traveling with a few torches was not enough to deter attacks during night. The original panic from the attacks had made the dwarves stop the search for their ancestral home, but the panic had now faded. Baungrvuor was also more economically stable and had stockpiles of food and other resources. It was time to resume the search for Ak' Baungr, as well as consider the possibility of trade with their new neighbours in the north and south-west. A meeting of the Clan Council was called in the early summer of 3 S.C..

    Even though the Hall of Clans was still relatively small, it was the grandest place in the growing Grah-Gol. A high roof, exquisite statues lining the walls and most of the lightcrystal from the whole hold. The three clan leaders met around the Grand Council table. There was Hjältmer of Dozmar, the finest warrior in all Baungrvuor, master of axe and bow. Tall for a dwarf and even stockier than usual, he was quite the imposing sight. Yet he was also a friendly fellow, never one to deny an offer for a good drink and had a hearty laugh. Then there was Gymral of Guntzgam, the greatest smith in Baungrvuor. Strong as the mountain and precise to a fault, Gymral was tough to his lessers and hard to impress. Yet his unrivaled speed and quality when working made him admired by all. Finally there was Dwodraeck of Enzgrym, the one who led the expedition to Baungrvuor and the current Johtab of the Grah-Gol.

    After exchanging a few words and concerns the three leaders agreed to continue the search for Ak' Baungr. Also, preparations for trade across the mountains needed to be made. Search for valleys and tunnels was started, as well as contacting any neighbour they could find. After some other important matters, such as widening the riverway between Zom Järvr and Zahrak Gol, had been discussed the Council meeting came to its end. The future looked bright for Baungrvuor once again.

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