King's Ink

  • Duke

    King's Ink as it has been called by outsiders is a mistranslation of the Helian name for it, which is loosely High Wizards Paint. The use of King's Ink has become the feature by which one can always tell a Helian book from those produced in other lands. It has used heavily in religious texts for illumination and in modern times it is used to create elaborate works of art.

    King's Ink primary feature is it's ability to color shift and undulate slightly. This minor movement is used by very skilled artists to create pictures that are practically animated. King's Ink is created in a similar fashion to traditional paint and ink's but a semi-magical process is used to allow the color to shift and change slightly.

    Paintings done in this style, within Helios, use it sparingly; to allow hair to flutter in unseen breeze, or cape to whip majestically or to simulate someone mid sword strike. This is also used heavily in one of Helios' more note worthy exports...pornography. Art books of suggestive poses, and gratuitous sex acts have found themselves across the world although how the books make it out of Helios and travel so far is still somewhat of a mystery, but smut tends to finds a way.

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