Fun Fact: Tavern & Inn Names

  • Prince

    Fun Fact of the day

    In Helios, Taverns are always named after something martial. This is due to the martial and aggressive culture of Helios often coming to a head in the tavern after a few drinks. This Is also the reason there are few chairs in Helian Taverns and the reason tables are bolted to the floor.

    Helian Inns on the other hand are often named something sexual.

    Tavern Inn Combos do exist and their names tend to reflect this combination.

    Can You guess what kind of establishment these are based on the name?

    • The Eagles Spread
    • The Shield Kick
    • Song of the Sheets
    • The Long Spear
    • Tilted Trousers
    • Bladed Boar
    • Broken Blade
    • Midnight Moan
    • Cracked Helm

  • Baron

    The 'Midnight Moan' is my favourite but the longer I look the more I like 'The Eagles Spread' as well, actually I just like all of them.

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