Match Highlights: Fishermen v. Marauders

  • Duke

    Winter Zayl 2 ( 9 SC)

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    Highlights of the Noteda Match Between the Worden Fishermen and the Mazlan Marauders


    • Castle: George
    • Daniel
    • Daniel Smithy
    • Jennifer
    • Corey Tanner
    • Paige
    • Julie


    • Castle: Ferris Mazlan, Lord
    • Trevor
    • Mishel Tracker
    • Bale (Orso)
    • Katherine
    • Stephen Thresher
    • Luke Smith

    The Fishermen took the early lead, two points in the first ten minutes. Daniel Smithy was key to the second point downing Ferris Mazlan while he was holding the flag. His expert use of the flag to maintain distance and guard his legs while simultaneously returning to strike into Ferris showed that he has skill well beyond his years.

    Maurauders brought it back with a quick score, seeing Orso downing three Fishermen on a juggernaut run from dead center into the Fishermen castle. The Big boy is sure to be difficult to down and even the combined efforts of the fishermen proved to be little benefit.

    Mid match saw the flag change hands six time before Paige squared with Ferris Mazlan and the tall girl proved that her thin arms have some strength behind them as she split the Castle's pole in half with a single handed strike. A kick to Mazlan's midsection saw her take an easy goal to bring Fishermen to 3.

    Marauders once again relied on Orso to carry the flag although they played it safe seeing. Luke Smith, and Stephen Thresher escorting him on the run. George, the Fishermen castle, did his best to maintain defenseive posture downing Like Smith but was unable to stop the Bears charge of Orso, bringing the score to 3 -2 Fishermen.

    With Five minutes left the two teams struggled to gain any momentum. Quick footed Julie was key to maintaining the flag for the Fishermen, hiding behind George their castle and throwing the flag out to reset when threatened.

    One minute mark, Marauader's are down a man as Michel Tracker tried to take on Paige forgetting the display of strength earlier and paid the price being knocked completely unconscious. Orso gets the flag downing Julie in the process. He make a steady run trying to prolong the game with a key score. Daniel who had been quiet much of the match stepped to meet the big boy and a display of not only strong stick skill but a well timed Veer strike to the legs saw Orso head over heels and the flag free. It was recovered by trevor who was steps from the goal but was quickly downed by George who was able to use the reach of his weapon to great effect.

    With that the match ended, Seeing the Worden Fishermen victorious over the Mazlan Marauders for the third time straight. Perhaps next season the Marauders will have their fortunes change.

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