Obrexian Land Claim 1

  • Minister Duke

    alt text

    I would like to claim the land in Blue so that my new vassal has a place where they can do their own thing.

    This is for the building of a town center and hamlets, with the possibility of needing new land to reach baron.

  • Duke

    In your current claim the "island" landmass just north of hawks landing appear to be untouched. What is the current plan for this land that it is unable to be utilized by the new vassal?

  • Minister Duke

    @ThunderPony The landmass just north of Hawk's Landing does have a few places where things are built, but there are also many sites that I am working on to catch them up to what I have in lore. I wanted to give my vassal a place where he wouldn't have to build to my specifications so that he could be more creatively free. It is currently mostly untouched because I am still working out the designs for the buildings that I am going to put there.

  • Duke

    @bryson3842 Sounds good. I just wanted to make sure there were upcoming plans for the location.

  • Baron

    This land claim has well surpassed the required two week waiting period, with no objections or calls for a vote, this land claim is now official. The over-world map has been updated to reflect the change.

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