Palomitas' Application

  • My Minecraft username is Palomitas9. Im 16 and I love world building and and rpg type stuff in general. Growing up I used to play this game I made up where I'd create a world and tell a story for an adventure that my friends would go on and they would make there own choices. Kind of like a choose your own adventure book. I'v been playing Minecraft since release although I stopped playing regularly for a couple years. I have played on a couple of servers, mostly vanilla. Im not too great at lore writing but I love to participate in the narrative I don't have a character yet and would like some guidance.

  • Baron

    Hi Palomitas! Thank you for applying! I'm Loric, the deputy minister of Applications. Regardless of your skills, we would appreciate if you wrote about something 🙂 . It doesn't have to be crazy detailed or even that skilled.

    Also, I would provide build pictures to show to lieges what you are capable of. You don't need to have crazy building skills also, we just want to see what you provide to the table.

    If you have any questions, please ask. Also joining the discord and interacting with us is probably the best way to get in contact with us efficiently.

  • EDIT: CHARACTER LORE-Hello Candarion. My name is Wiglaf. I come from the far of lands of Heoreath. In the past I would spend time tending to my farm and growing crops for my village. I was a pretty darn good farmer too. One day, as I was heading to the city to sell some crop, bandits came to my village and ravaged our whole town. By the time I came back, nearly everything was burned to the ground. With my farm gone, I decided to become a wandering merchant. This has led me to stumble upon Candarion. This land looks amazing and I hope to be able to get back to my love of farming in this wonderful land!

  • EDIT 2: I can do much better but here's a little farmhouse I made (The roof looks terrible)

  • Baron

    I think the addition of more build pictures would make me feel more comfortable in deciding whether or not to vote.

  • Baron

    I second what Loric is saying; spend a day or two in creative and put your best foot forward with something that best reflects what you can build.

    It can seem kinda annoying or daunting to have to build something when we don't actually take into account building skill too much but it really does help for people here to understand where you are at in those skills.

  • Alright, I'll get back to y'all as soon as I can

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