Zeuvenism and the Church of the Seven Divines

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    Zeuvenism is the predominant religion within the realm of Ornthas. This religion involves the worship of seven Nemertingi spirits who have ruled over Ornthas for centuries. The Nemertingi are collectively known as the Seven Divines.

    The Church of the Seven Divines was originally established to serve the Nemertingi directly. Now members of the clergy can be found throughout Ornthasian society, serving the people and the realm as a whole.
    There are four branches to the church:

    Arcanic Priests
    The Arcanic Priests concentrate the most on the spiritual and ceremonial aspects of the church. These clergymen serve in cathedrals and work in close proximity to the Nemertingi themselves. They are masters of arcane magic and an integral part of the ritual spell that allow a Nemertingi to pass from one host to another. The priesthood also directs the other three branches of the church, on behalf of the Nemertingi they serve.

    The Magistars are the teachers and healers of the realm. They are expected to be the most well rounded in terms of knowledge. They study math and philosophy and the histories of the realm. They know battle tactics and are keen on politics. They are proficient arcanists with a specialty in healing magics. They are the ones most likely to preside over a wedding or funeral when away from the cities.
    Magistars serve in districts throughout Ornthas and are the most accessible members of the church. Nobles will often invite a Magistar to live in their castle and rely on them to tutor their children, as well as advise them when they are in need. However, anyone can come to a Magistar for healing or to learn something. The Magistar is a servant of the people and will help someone no matter their station in life.

    Keepers live their life apart from society. They live as monks, spending the majority of their time tending to the libraries of the Nemertingi. The most important role they have is to write and organize the personal journals of the Nemertingi. These journals serve as the written memory of the Nemertingi, as it was found that their memories fade after several centuries and the details become lost. So the keepers meet with the Nemertingi once a month and record whatever the Nemertingi wishes to remember. They also keep their own records of the history of the realm, as well as extensive libraries of knowledge.
    To protect their tomes, they have set layers of protective magic, and each keeper is proficient in their unique style of unarmed fighting.

    The wardens serve as the militant branch of the church. The purpose of the wardens is to protect the realm from anyone, or anything, that would do it harm. Like knights, the Wardens are masters of martial combat. But Wardens also train in arcane combat, mostly focusing on elemental forms of magic that can burn or shatter their enemies. A few will also learn the art of imbuement, and when they are too old to continue fighting, they will pour their life force into their weapon or armor, enchanting them so the next Warden who wields it is empowered.

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