Magic of Ornthas

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    There are three different categories of magic common to the realm of Ornthas

    Arcane magic is performed by temporarily channeling a portion of your lifeforce out of your body to achieve a desired magical effect. After the effect is achieved, a recovery period is required to allow your lifeforce to return to you. This recovery period will shorten as you become a stronger channeler.
    Arcane magic is separated into many different schools, such as elemental magic, healing magic and protective magic.

    Ritual magic Involves complex spell forms designed to harness ambient energy flows and utilize them to achieve an effect. Ritual magic is extremely difficult to create, but once a ritual is known, it is not difficult to repeat. Ritual magic is especially effective on organic material.
    Some examples of Ritual magic include the ceremony where a Nemertingi transfers from one hosts body to another, the personality alteration spell performed on newly acquired slaves, and Nemertingi blessings on crops to increase their growth.


    Imbument involves the act of permanently infusing a portion of your own lifeforce into an inanimate object, in order to enhance it in some way. This act permanently weakens the Imbuer, until the object is destroyed and the life force can be recovered. The only exception to this is the Nemertingi, who regenerate life force over time. Imbuing an object weakens a Nemertingi for a week or so, after which they will have regenerated their spent lifeforce.

    Magic Weapons and Armor are rare in Ornthas, due to the cost of making them. However, a full set imbued by a Nemertingi can make a ordinary man extraordinary, and is worth a great deal anywhere in the world.

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